Facebook’s Optimized “Like” Button: More Refined Responses for Your Business Posts

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Facebook’s Optimized “Like” Button

With 1.5 billion monthly users, Facebook has captured all the limelight on the social front. It is also one of the most visited social sites every day. While users have been demanding a “dislike” button for years, Facebook seemed too reluctant to give into their demands; however, it did partially agreed to their opinion and announced optimized “Like” button.

After several months of constant testing and waiting, the much waited optimized like button is finally available to use for people across the globe.

The optimized like button is quite different from the simple like or dislike button. Facebook has smartly optimized the button to include human emotions that are expanded to six different reactions including Love, Haha, Yay, Wow, Sad, and Angry.

Earlier, users have only three options Like, Comment, and Share. But, now, these additional reactions have been amended with the “Like” button. It will be quite interesting to notice how these reactions are going to be used.

The Change

Earlier, when something sad or uncertain use to occur, liking an unfortunate Facebook status or post mentioning it seemed too awkward. However, now people have options to express their reactions to any posts as per their understandings and emotions. The introduction of these responses has eliminated the need of commenting to a certain extent as now people have the power to express in reactions.

Hitting the “Like” button is still same as it used to be, with no extra efforts. However, the reactions are not visible on the first go. To get the reactions, you just hold the “Like” button for less than a second and the pop with additional reactions will appear for you to choose from them, and show your emotional connection with the post.

Let’s see how the optimized “Like” button is going to affect brand promotions, products selling, and social media marketing services on Facebook.

Take a Smart Move: Initiate and Encourage Fans to Use Reactions

Trying new things are natural human intentions. Be a smart marketer and attempt to cash this event to boost your brand engagement. One thing you can do is to engage your audience by asking their views on the optimized “Like” button. Doing so will boost your brand engagement and organic search.

If you are a company and engaged in brand promotion on Facebook, then this optimized button will give you the most surprising results. Because your visitors will not only comment or “like” your posts, they may even give their reactions on the same.

Get Refined Reactions

Facebook’s optimized “Like” button can help you garner precise responses for your posts. With a variety of options, users can better lodge their opinions. This makes the button more meaningful, as it makes clear sense. Thus, the optimized “Like” button will help you to understand the clear response of your followers and allows you to be more prepared for the next post.

Get Encouraged to Post User-Centric Content

After getting refined reactions from your online audience, you will feel more prepared for the future posts. These responses will encourage you to post user-centric content.

Since few years, I have constantly been analyzing that companies often ignore users’ need, which often puts them in a spot of bother. They promote their brands by emphasizing on their products, or you can say they oversell their business on social media platforms which aren’t a good practice.

Today, in the race of competition, if you want to achieve assured success, then you need to focus more towards creating user-centric content. If you start delivering value to your buyers, then automatically your business will climb the ladder of success.

So, this optimized Facebook button will change the equation and give a reality check to the marketers to create more user-centric content.

Get Idea about Users’ Interest

Through this “Like” button, users’ responses can be an eye-opener for businesses. So, being engaged in business, it is important for you to understand people reactions so that you could identify their interest in a good manner.

If you get succeed in the identification of the taste of your followers, then you will be able to deliver more tailored solutions as per their needs which obviously boost your brand popularity.

Reduce Negative Reviews

If you are a smart marketer, then hopefully, you must have noticed one of the best advantages of this optimized “Like” button. Yes, I am talking about “angry” reaction. This response will dramatically reduce negative reviews.

You must be thinking the logic behind it, right? It’s pretty simple and easy to understand. It’s a fast-paced world, and people don’t have enough time to think and write a negative comment on a particular post. So, rather wasting time in writing negative reviews, they’ll simply hit the angry button on the post they don’t like.

People will use “angry” button to show their anger but will not want to waste time in writing a full text. So, you will have the opportunity to analyze the types of reactions you are getting and converting those reactions into the positive ones.

Eavesdrop Discussions and Users’ Reactions

Social media has become the most effective channel that offers lucrative ways to promote your brands. In addition to it, there a several social media conversations that are public and you will have the opportunity to eavesdrop on people reactions about your brand and of your competitors. By getting insights from the discussions, you can reassess your strategies to be more full-fledged to promote your brand in the most effective ways. As it’s all about competition and everybody wants to get ahead of it.

With the advent of optimized “Like” button on Facebook, you don’t need to work too hard as new reactions are sufficient enough to express what audience think about any promotional post.

Wrapping Up

The points that I mentioned shows how optimized “Like” button on Facebook is going to change the way companies carry promotional activities on this platform. I think it’s a fun way for people to interact with pages and posts.

You can say it’s a smart move by Facebook as after a long time you have the reason to stay little longer on this platform while expressing your reactions.

Further, it offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to analyze what kind of posts their followers and fans like to see in future. Let’s know what you think of this post. Don’t forget to give your valuable comments.

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