All that you need to know about Google +1

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What is the buzz all about?

Google +1 is nothing less than a boon for websites, as it gives them an edge over the ones that do not make use of this ranking mechanism. So, if you have not already thought of giving it a shot, it’s high time that you do it, more so because, as of now not many websites are using it. Technically, it is one of the ranking factors in Google’s algorithm and hence is of pivotal importance to website owners. Experts suggest that Google uses it to ascertain the position of your site in the search results and therefore, the idea of using this signal makes perfect sense.


How can it influence your website?

To the end user,Google +1 button is merely a means of showing that he/she likes your website or any particular part of it, for that matter. However, to you it could mean a lot more, since it’s your website that we are talking about and after all, who wouldn’t want his/her website to appear higher in the search results. Many believe that this mechanism is quite similar to the one that Facebook uses, wherein one can like a particular group or activity. However, it does differ, as here the ranking of your site is at least involved, if not at stake.


Why should you take it seriously?

If reports are anything to go by, you shouldn’t ignore Google +1, if you do have a website and want its rankings to improve, which however is a debatable topic, as some experts think otherwise. However, the general perception is that this mechanism does help and proves to be all the more useful, when equal emphasis is laid on the other ranking factors as well.

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