Google’s November 2021 Spam Update: Everything You Need To Know

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Google November 2021 Spam Update

Google recently rolled out a spam update. What is the fourth spam update of the year can affect your business. Termed as the November 2021 spam update, Google has already implemented it.

Google’s Danny Sullivan said that spam updates deal with content that doesn’t follow our Google Webmaster Guidelines. The new anti-spam update will be implemented effectively this week, he added.

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What did Google say?

Google took Twitter to break the news.


Why will it matter?

Every time Google makes an update on the ranking criteria, it spreads like a wild fire. As soon as the update rolled out, experts in the industry explained why this update matters to everyone.

Here is gist of what they said –

Google has launched two spam updates this year. This month’s update marks the third Google formula update targeted at spam this year.

July 2021 Link Spam Update
Google June’21 Update

Experts say that it is because of these updates, Google’s manages to keep 99% of the visits from search results spam-free. In 2020 alone, this system at Google prevented indexing of 25 billion spammy pages.

Security of the users is Google’s priority and this update further strengthens their systems.

If you follow Google’s webmaster on your website you will need to take a closer look at the spam updates. Google has strict criteria of defining spam. It marks the websites that trick their visitor in providing their personal information as spam. Or websites with malware.

Other spam criteria are website containing phishing scams, sites claiming to be other reputable business, and more.

Having said that, there are chances that even a clean website can also be considered spam even if they marginally fall out of the newly defined rules.

How will it have an effect on your business?

Since SEO is such an intricate procedure, even the smallest of the update can affect your website.

In days to follow if your ranking drops or traffic fluctuates from your organic Google search results, just know that you have also been hit by this update.

This update specifically targets guideline violations. Google did not say if this was content, links, or alternative sorts of spam. They showed us the bigger picture and it is spam-related.

Pro tip: Check your website thoroughly for spams in order to stay protected from this update.

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