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Just a few months ago Google introduced Panda, a new and revised algorithm that attacked the websites with shallow content. Several sites that performed really well for the past so many years suddenly dropped down to almost nothing. This Google Panda update not only affected the small websites but the bigger and more popular ones as well. It was a big blow for most of the site owners, some of them laid off their employees, and some affirmed bankruptcy. Well, there could be a better way to handle your site. Do you want to play safe this time? Learn the tricks!

Content is the mainstay of any website. On the basis of your website content Panda algorithm decides the fate of your website – whether to keep you safe or hit you hard. Google has now separated pages into two basic piles, namely high quality and low-quality content. For Google, the first preference is meaningful content; anything worthless will immediately fall under the category of low-quality pages. If you want to ensure that you are ranked well on Google, you need to make sure your content is original and falls under the high-quality pile. Your aim should be to provide relevant information to the readers about your products and services. Gone are the days when website owners used to do cheats.  This algorithm is a direct smash on your face; don’t disappoint Google with corrupt actions.

Give Google a reason to put you on the first page, and focus on high-quality content. This Google Panda update is an attempt to improve the overall search quality. Give your contribution to this campaign by improving your content quality and presenting only the original versions online. With the right ways and a proper understanding of your visitor’s requirements, you can beat the Google Panda update.

If you want to earn back higher rankings on Google and keep making profits from your websites, use only genuine content. This attempt would certainly make our virtual world more user-friendly and effective!

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