Google’s GoMo to Mobilize Your Websites

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It is undeniable that the globalization of the internet has played a pivotal role in the creation of the modern world as we know it. However, with continual enhancements in the communication technology, there was bound to be a paradigm shift of some sort; something clearly relatable to the mobile internet revolution we are witnessing since the last few years.

In the present era, millions of us access the internet through our mobile devices and have the power to access an ever-increasing reservoir of websites. Considering the rate at which people are turning to internet enabled mobile devices, it has becomes extremely important for every webmaster to ensure that their website is mobile-friendly unless they wish to get left behind their competitors.

With the launch of GoMo, Google has once again substantiated its position of the industry leader. GoMo is an aimed at helping businesses “Go Mobile” by providing them with the tools and resources they may need to make their websites mobile-friendly. On the website, webmasters can preview their sites look on a mobile device using the GoMo Meter, and get personalized recommendations for building a more mobile-friendly website for their visitors. Furthermore, the site also offers a list of developers to help companies mobilize their sites, if they do not have an in-house developer.

Considering that most internet users are hooked to their internet enabled mobile devices when they are not using their computer, it is safe to say that this rollout by Google will surely have an impact on the business opting for it as it will enhance the connectivity between their online facts and target customers. Hence, the companies opting to mobilize their website using GoMo are sure to witness a surge in their website traffic as well as their brand image. And with a wider audience to cater, the businesses can certainly expect to see a notable rise in their clientele as well as overall revenue.

To encapsulate, it is safe to say that by using Google’s GoMo to mobilize their websites, businesses can ensure that they are ready to make the most out of the ongoing mobile internet revolution.

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