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It’s a great way to get links. Build relationships. Gain authority. Increase traffic.

You’re right. It’s guest blogging.

We have been doing it for quite a while now and have got posts featured on sites like CrazyEgg, ProBlogger and Search Engine Journal.

You may be doing it, too.

But there’re some myths about guest blogging that, for some reason, strike many every now and then.

Today, we’ll discuss why all these myths are wrong. Of course, we’ll give you some tips on how to do guest blogging right, too.

Myth #1: Guest blogging will soon be dead

Guest blogging can never die just as the demand for beautiful content can never die. What can, though, die is the age of crap content.

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Myth #2: Guest blogging spoils relationships

Alright, this is a half-truth. Guest blogging, if done for links, can spoil relationships a bit.

Think about it. You’re in the process of getting your first post up on Forbes and you message their editor to give you a promotional link or two. See? How ridiculous it sounds.

However, if you contribute beautiful content across sites, you can build a strong, enviable network through guest blogging.

Myth #3: Guest blogging is done only and only by spammers

Even an idiot would burst out in laughter on this one. True guest blogging can never (ever!) be done by a spammer. Because it’s not just about links. It’s rather about growing business and building connections that last.

Myth #4: Guest blogging for links inherently means thin content

Guest blogging, for us, means amazing content. Content that people share on social networks. You see, no good blog would publish thin content. So this argument falls flat right there.

How to do it right (aka best practices)

  • Make sure your targets are terribly relevant to your industry and have some real traffic to their site. Check the engagement on their blogs and their social profiles. Also make sure they don’t link to viagra or porn sites.
  • Diversify your links and use exact keyword anchors scarcely.  
  • Claim your Google+ authorship so you can strengthen your profile and appear more often in SERPs.
  • Refrain from large-scale guest posting campaigns. Make it look as natural as possible.
  • Links are good but not everything. Think about traffic, authority and relationships, too.

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How do you do guest blogging? Did you come across any other myth related to it? Let us know in comments. 

Vice president with a demonstrated history of overseeing internal operations, building profitable businesses from scratch, maximizing company's operating performance, and achieving financial goals. I have ability to build and scale-up businesses on sustainable foundation of strong, motivated teams, business relationships, and efficient processes.

I am skilled in strategizing performance-based digital marketing initiatives for both B2B and B2C businesses for clients across globe. I love taking on new challenges, playing outside my comfort zone, and enjoy writing about the latest innovations in the industry. I love to share my knowledge with others through articles and blog posts.

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Chris Gunn
8 years ago

These are great myths that you have debunked! Guest blogging will never die…just get harder and harder to easily do.

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