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This is an era of righteousness. Thanks to the internet and media, the new generation is aware of the growing concerns like global warming and we realize the importance of change. Noble causes are highly supported all over the world, and the most interesting fact is- no matter whether the common man does anything to support these causes, they do one thing for sure, support them on the internet, i.e. social media!

One such noble cause is the use of Solar Power. This initiative is not just popular online, but the statistics from the Global Market Outlook show that the solar market is now “increasingly being recognised by leading policy makers as a preferred technical solution to fight climate change, and also as a stable prized energy source.”

The global solar market had augmented by over 25% in 2015 and is expected to catch an over 160% percent growth rate from 2015 till 2020.

That said, it is sure to pick up speed in the Social Media popularity in the coming years.

If you are engaged in a solar business, what efforts are you making to market your solar business?

What you offer is in the great demand because of increasing concern over global warming and the efforts that are being made to reduce energy costs.

If you still leverage the concept of traditional marketing for your solar business, you are not utilizing the power of Internet to its maximum! Fret not! We will show you how you can market your solar business to take it to the next level.

Let’s dig deeper.

As we know, it’s the era of digital marketing, and not even a single brand dares to overlook its significance when it comes to promoting business online.


Well, it is very simple as straight. The potential customers you are looking for are active on Social Media.

Yes! They are!

No wonder we can notice numerous brands having social media profile for an active 24×7 for brand promotion. If you are still skeptical about social media, then you need to take a glance at the following information.

Now, what would you say?

Another reason we could suggest is your competitors have started to leverage social media to market their solar business. Then, why don’t you?

Over past few years, these platforms have improved a lot and became the first choice of marketers for brand promotion. So, don’t lose your business to your competitors by ignoring social media marketing. Start promoting you brand on social media platforms now to uplift your brand.

Why does a solar business need a social media marketing strategy?

To Drive the Much Needed Traffic

No doubt traffic is crucial. No traffic refers to no visits, and without any visit, you would not be able to convert! So, you need a good amount of traffic on your website. For this, you have to understand your market and your target audience. Competitor’s analysis is the key to figuring out what is going on in your solar industry. Start promoting your brand, once you collect all the information. While creating social media posts, link your landing page to make people land on your website. This way, your site would attain a good amount of traffic and leads if your landing page is powerful enough. This is how you can optimize your landing page to generate more leads.

To Build Engagement

Draft a full-fledged social media strategy to build engagement for your solar business. For this, you have to create interactive posts whether it is in the form of blogs, videos, infographics, and others. As the service you offer supports concerns like global warming, energy costs, and environment, you have a strong reason to educate your audience.

Spark a conversation and invite audience to take an active participation. This is what a smart marketer does. They first educate the audience to build trust. Once you earn the trust of your target audience, you would be able to pitch your sales. However, while pitching, keep your tone buyer-centric not product-centric. Here’s how you can create Buyer-Centric content that delivers real value.

Today, almost every social media platform provides its own analytic support that lets you understand whether the posts you are creating for your audience is of any worth. Further, it tells you how your posts are performing, how many people have noticed them, and how many have actually visited your site.

To Make Your Brand Credible

Make your brand credible by responding to your audience!

Marketing for solar companies is without a doubt an uphill task! For instance, Sullivan Solar Power, a company that has spent more than a decade in solar business, was having trouble while marketing their solar business. But, gradually they realized that they have to think beyond conventional marketing, and finally agreed to give social media marketing a shot.

Today, they have become one of the most credible solar companies because they have published meaningful posts and are very responsive to the messages. This is what separates them from others.

Therefore, to be a credible source in your niche industry, you have to make your target audience feel that you love to answer their queries and get valuable feedbacks from them about your products and services.

To Boost Outreach and Get a Great Exposure

Having a well-drafted social media marketing strategy in place helps solar companies to boost outreach and get the much needed exposure. For this, organizations use hashtags in their posts while posting on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Check out the list of Green Twitter Hashtags to boost your outreach and attain great exposure. These Hashtags can make your brand go viral in just matter of few minutes.

Another thing you can do to make your posts more valuable is by adding some humor to them. People get attracted towards the things that give them a reason to laugh. Without a doubt, social media posts with humor have the potential to not only make your brand go viral but also trigger sales in favor of your solar business. In short, entertain to engage!

For instance, watch this 30 seconds video by a solar company Sunrun TV that is about to cross 2 million views.

To Drive More Sales

A social media marketing strategy makes your brand strong and relatable. With the help of social media, you can create an emotional connection with your target audience to get a boost in your sales. Customers are likely to buy from a brand with which they feel more strongly connected.

Therefore, be loyal, highlight values of what you offer, and convince them they are contributing to a good cause to drive more sales.


Now, you know why solar companies need a social media strategy. It’s time to check out how to create powerful social media strategy for better brand promotion.

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