How Can SEO Accelerate Your Automotive Business?

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Is your business related to the automotive industry?

If so, you would probably have your own website.

I am sure, your competitors have. They may also be adopting the SEO technique for achieving high search engine ranks.

A website with top search engine rankings, for sure, drives better sales growth. And, thus, boosts ROI.

This is why, many automobile companies are having their own website and evolving the marketing strategies of SEO for automotive industry. It brings them a whole lot of business opportunities.

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What is SEO for automotive business and how it can accelerate your automotive business?

Find the answers. Let’s begin with SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Though, it’s a very broad term, we have tried to confine it in a few words.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an online marketing strategy, helping businesses to grow and achieve top results in terms of sales. The strategy includes both, the creative and technical elements. The purpose of SEO is to drive traffic, improve rankings, increase brand awareness and build long term success by optimizing search engines visibility.

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Why you need SEO for the Automotive Industry

As a part of the automotive industry, you no longer depend only on the traditional standbys of 50-60 second radio, 20-30-second TV shows and weekend or fortnightly print ads. The consumer shopping experience is transforming. They are turning to the Internet and using the digital landscape. In order to improve your online presence and attract them to your website in an ethical way, you need to implement proper local automotive SEO. To know about the local SEO, click complete SEO guide.

Below are SEO marketing strategies for an automobile company.

Keyword Selection

No matter how large your business, competitors are all around.

The most critical part of automotive search engine optimization can be finding the best keywords. Remember, highly competitive keywords bring problem from an auto SEO point of view. It is advisable to use the Google Keyword Planner. The key is to find and use the right combination of monthly searches and competition.

Make a list of both highly competitive and less competitive keywords and choose a set of keywords that offers a nice mix of search volumes. Try to avoid keywords with high search volumes, as it not always about getting visitors to your site, but attract the right and potential visitors.

Meta Titles & Descriptions

Meta titles and descriptions play equal roles in search engine rankings.

  • Meta Title: It is the visitor’s first collaboration with your business. It should carry a positive impression. Never keep the same title of several pages. According to search engine, the title consists of 70 characters. However, if your page is targeting long keyword phrase or multiple keywords, you can keep the title longer.
  • Meta Descriptions: It’s a concise summary of the content on a page, which is displayed under the title (the blue clickable links) in the search results. Like title, your Meta descriptions should not be the same on other pages. It can be of any length. But usually, search engines cut short any snippets longer than 160 characters. Always try to create a compelling Meta description of shorter than 160-character limit.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

The aim of automotive SEO is to narrow the gap and help users find a wealth of information, quality products and services conveniently. To ensure this, avoid stuffing access keywords. Insert keyword in your content to let search engine understand its relevance.

It is good to use keyword in the title/main heading. Insert it in the first sentence or paragraph. Also make sure the concluding paragraph has the keyword. Depending in the content length, keyword can appear several more times.

Link building

Establishing inbound links is a part of SEO for automobile companies. It increases relevance, visibility and wins visitors’ trust, thus converting them into potential customers. The search engines perform multiple activities to analyze the backlink profile of a website. They look at:

  • Number of referring domains
  • Quality of inbound links
  • Relevance of content that contains the link
  • Quality of the referring website
  • The anchor text within the links

The best practices in SEO for automotive industry is to focus on getting quality inbound links, rather than quantity. Creating multiple spam links to an automotive website is considered negative SEO.


Today, the automotive search engine optimization also includes a combination of content marketing, online marketing services like chat bots, and the social media strategy to improve ranks. If SEO for automotive business is done correctly, it drives comprehensive growth to the automotive industry. You will experience higher brand credibility, increased traffic, better ROI, permanent results, brand awareness and long term success.

To sum up, SEO is one of the most effective marketing strategies for automobile companies to optimize their content and website elements, thus refining the search results.

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