How Google’s Mobile Algorithm Update will Change Business Dynamics

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The constant algorithm update by Google keeps businesses and SEO’s on their toes. Google brings these updates to improve the overall user experience and enable businesses to make their way to the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). With an increasing number of users accessing internet via their mobile devices, Google has responded to the trend with its latest mobile algorithm update that was released on April 21st this year.

The update is believed to have an impact on search rankings for the websites that are not mobile-friendly. It means that businesses with mobile friendly websites have better chances of being listed higher in the SERPs.


Google with this mobile algorithm update is striving to give users best possible experience on both mobile devices and desktops. Thus, it is important for your business to make the cut; otherwise, it will surely suffer a fall in rankings, which in turn will impact the conversions.

Happy Internet Users, But What about Businesses?

This change is being cited as one of the biggest change to Google’s Algorithm in recent memory, which means businesses need to take it more seriously. The fact that now a website’s ‘mobile friendliness’ will have a major say in its ranking and non-mobile optimized sites will be ranked lower is a matter of grave concern for businesses who shied away from updating their site till now.

According to a research done by SumAll, 67 percent of Fortune 100 companies are not mobile friendly, which means the update is surely going to shakeup the SEO world. Also the fact that nearly 61 percent of total web traffic comes from mobile devices, businesses that don’t comprehend to the change stand to lose a chunk of their traffic.

Moreover, e-commerce businesses are fighting it out to get more customers in order to earn more profits. The key to increased profits is sales and for that they need customers. You will only get customers when your site is prominently visible on SERPs.

Thus, business strategies are going to take a turn across the globe towards mobile-friendly websites, advertisement and transaction processes–you can’t expect consumers to switch to desktop just to make transaction. The penalty for businesses for failing to meet the requirements is a noteworthy fall in ranking as well as profits.

Analyze Your Website

Shifting from one strategy to another isn’t easy. Take the help of several tools offered by Google to analyze your current website. It will help you determine if it fits the mobile-friendly criteria or not. These tools are Mobile-Friendly Test and Google’s Developer Page Speed Insights. You will even get suggestions on areas that require immediate attention.

How to Make the Transition

Transition can be difficult for some, while easy for others, depending upon the result of the analysis. Here is a short guide that can help you with the shift.

More Tests

You need to determine your mobile-friendly standing; thus, be prepared to pay the price of associated changes that these tests determine.

Pick a Mobile Strategy

In order to be on the right side of the algorithm, this step is necessary. Here you have several options to try; you can create a mobile application, develop a separate mobile website, or just go with the flow and make your website responsive.

Incorporate Best Options for Mobile Optimization

Refrain from using software solutions that are not required on standard mobile devices, use brief content, large-fonts, easily accessible links, and reformat pages to fit into small screen devices.

Eliminate Things that Will Make Your Website Snag

Remove inappropriate redirect links, block JavaScript, don’t post inaccessible content, put mobile 404s information, and be informed on how to rectify these issues–if they occur.

Final Word

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