How Personalization and Relevance is making Email Marketing a powerful tool in Establishing Human Connection!

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Relevance is an important factor in sales and marketing of products and services; even more so for today’s customers who are well aware of what they want and where to get it from. Marketing-efforts that reflect empathy for the end-user always almost wins loyal customers. Therefore, one of the authentic marketing channels such as Email Marketing has become effective in reaching out to the target customers. After adopting a more personalized approach with a human touch to it; e-mailers are now being built to communicate effectively with humans in a human way!

While there is no doubt that technology has created revolution in the way we connect; the human-ness in communication can never be replaced by machines, as the end-customer is a human being and not a machine.

Email marketing is a science in itself and in order to create engaging and effective e-mailers, one needs to develop strategic email marketing campaigns that are built to please the customer with the intention of building a long-term relationships.

Numbers reveal a lot about the rampant use and influence of email-marketing globally. In the year 2019, email users around the world amounted to be 3.9 billion users and this figure is set to increase to 4.3 billion users by the year 2023. If these numbers aren’t enough to reiterate the fact that email marketing is a highly influencing marketing channel, in the year 2019 293.6 million emails were sent and received on a daily basis.  In fact this figure is expected to rise to 347.3 billion daily emails by the year 2022 arrives.

These numbers are indeed overwhelming and they prove that email-marketing is indeed the right way to establish the right connect with your clients or prospects.

So how does one create effective email marketing campaigns?

Email marketing is a tool, that, when rightly used, can build long-lasting business relationships bringing in a lot of profit. This can be achieved if you can build email marketing campaigns keeping certain objectives in mind:

1. Identify an audience:

Craft e-mailers that are‘relevant’ to the specific targeted audience and you will almost always reap the benefits! Understanding the buyer persona and building an e-mailer around that knowledge will give rise to focused email marketing activities with guaranteed results.

2. Define your goals:

Know the statistics well before you even begin designing a campaign. Have some benchmarks for setting goals. Assess and analyze all the email marketing campaigns that you have worked upon for a particular industry and depending upon the data, design new campaigns. This research and data can help you decide what’s best for your company and industry.

3. Set up campaign objectives:

Gather information about different email campaigns that are trending and have garnered results in the market and then decide upon creating the type of email campaign that aligns with your objectives. While setting up your campaign goals, you should consider relevance, target audience and the industry, in order to create email campaigns that are more specific and result-oriented.

4. Create Measurable campaigns:

Once you set up campaigns that are measurable, you will gain control over a lot of parameters including the results. Measurable campaigns help you to customize or make changes in your existing campaigns based on the results. They also point out at what needs to be changed in the next email campaign. Tracking and measuring results can make your job easy and can also pave way for improvement.

Email Marketing is incomplete without technological intervention or support. The very reason that automated marketing campaigns perform well is due to immersive and innovative technology- support that facilitates incredible results.

The realm of email-marketing is ever-expanding and the future is more exciting in terms of an amalgamation of strategy and technology for email marketing. Here are some predictions that might work in the near future:

(a). Hyper-targeted emails

It is the time and age of hyper-targeted e-mailers and this might soon become the norm. Trigger-based email marketing campaigns facilitate specific-targeting of audiences like never before. Instead of bombarding people randomly with e-mailers, hyper-targeted emails enable sending the right message to the right people and at the right time.

(b). Personalization is the essence of email marketing:

Email-marketing works well when it is done well! It is not just the technology but the content that can decide how well you can design your email campaign to be successful.

A lot can be built over the knowledge of the buyer persona and the know-how of who it is that you are targeting. Email campaigns that are highly personalized with appropriate and relevant messaging have higher open-rates and improved click-through rates too!

Personalization is what makes email campaigns successful. Empathy and relevance encourage more and more people to respond to your email campaigns. An email message with a personal touch to it increases the brand-recall value, also creating a pleasant customer experience.

(c). Adding value through email marketing campaigns:

Value-addition is what every customer values the most when it comes to marketing or sales. The intervention of technology such as machine learning can now customize emails for each individual, based on their preferences and interactions through various websites and portals. Automation and personalization can prove to be the powerful email marketing enabler of today’s times as it is here to revolutionize how businesses communicate with each other and with the customers through e-mailers.


Today is the time to make use of this wonderful marketing tool to reach out to the customers and prospects, positioning one’s company and people as empathetic marketers who care to cater only the right service or product to the right audience.

Personalization, empathy, relevance, automation, specified target audiences are some of the driving forces behind creating successful email campaigns.  Email marketing is one of the most popular tools that can generate high return on investment for marketing teams and it will continue to do so making email marketing by and the large the most preferred marketing tool today and in the future.

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