How SMS Marketing Improves Customer Experience

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With the digital era using SMS to chat with friends and family, you can also use it for communication on business purposes. As a marketer, your goal is to meet your customers wherever they are, by establishing active conversations. SMS is becoming an essential part of multichannel messaging since it does not require a substantial investment in apps. It is a secure method that you can use to gain access to a large number of customers to send them personalized texts. Have a look at various ways in which SMS marketing can improve customer experiences.

It Improves Customer Engagement

Due to the short spans and growing number of distractions around, it is not easy to get your SMS marketing directly to your target customers. However, when you Use bulk text messaging, you can cut across the barriers and capture customer’s attention than any other means. It also lowers the obstacles so that clients interested in your products and services can get in touch quickly.

Remember to vary your messaging content and include updates, news, and forthcoming developments in your brand. Although you might feel like texting is invasive, most clients are now familiar with this method, and you can also use it for more offers like vouchers, sales discounts, or promotional messages. You can learn more about multichannel messaging to deliver superior customer communication experience using SMS.

It Enables you to Track, Monitor, and Improve Customer Insights

Through SMS, you can quickly identify customer engagement, and also monitor delivery rates to track your returns on investment. It is also a valuable channel where you can reach out to your clients with market surveys. You can follow up on purchase or customer service interactions to get regular feedback on customers’ satisfaction and expectations.

To be more productive, include a short survey in your text, or a link to the main synopsis. By using results from these analyses, you can create a better understanding of your customers to improve customer service and satisfaction. The surveys are also essential in highlighting the inactive buyers; you then initiate a conversation with them, which will create a stronger client relationship.

It Gives your Customer an easy way to Communicate with you

SMS is one of the most direct channels of communication where you can read messages from your clients easily. With very many people owning a smartphone, text messages give you access to a broader market. Most customers want to cut off the disappointments associated with unhelpful phone calls and unresponsive email, thus often prefer to communicate using texts.

You can opt for automated bulk text messaging, using two ways of communication for an in-depth connection with your clients. Messaging promotes immediate interactions with your customers, enabling them to send orders, subscribe to sales or special offer notifications.

It Facilitates Ordering, Delivery, and Confirmations

If you work with orders and shipments, then you understand that order placement is as important as making sales. Also, your delivery process dramatically influences the customer experience. It is, therefore, essential to inform your customers that their order has been received. By integrating omnichannel SMS services, you can tell your customer where the package is, the delivery stage, when it will arrive, and any other relevant alert. Through an SMS, tell your client when you receive their payment, in case of delays you can send messages to inform them and also alert them when the package is ready for pick up or when you will deliver.

It Provides Excellent Customer Service

Your customer’s experience is incomplete without integrating an excellent customer service in the marketing strategies. Most customers dislike calling customer care desks, which could be time-consuming, especially when you put on hold. By allowing your customers to text you directly, you greatly enhance their experience since it is fast, cheap, and hustle-free and can be done from anywhere.

By offering SMS services as part of your omnichannel communication strategies, your brand becomes easily accessible, and your customers can contact you in case of any questions. It will reduce the amount of time taken to resolve customer’s issues, which will subsequently lead to an increased customer satisfaction base.

It Makes Customer Experience Personal

Personalization is the key to delivering optimal customer satisfaction; you can, therefore, use a person’s location, preferences, previous purchase, and browsing data to send customized marketing SMS. The personalized text allows you to send messages to your target audience only and not to any other random person.

As a salesperson, you can post a reminder to your clients, reminding them that the product they have been searching for is available, notify them of available offers on the items, and include their names if applicable. You can be creative with personalized messages by sending birthday or anniversary wishes with a unique proposition to go along, which makes your client feel special.

It Educate your Customers About Opportunities

You can also use the SMS medium to provide a service or useful information to your client, thus creating a positive customer experience. If you offer comprehensive information to your client, you create better connectivity with them; your recipient will value your messages and are more encouraged to read your texts.

Target your SMS content based on your customer’s preferences and behavior to ensure that your words add value. Notify your customers of upcoming events, which will help them plan adequately to improve their experience. Due to the busy lifestyle, most customers will always appreciate appointment reminders.


SMS, if used right could be more than just a text but a marketing tool that can create an excellent customer experience. Whether you need to send alerts, notifications, or more, you can use SMS, a cost-saving strategy that results in superior customer relationships. When you integrate SMS communication in your organization, you will strengthen new customer relations, stimulate interest, and trigger new purchases.

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