How to Choose Law Firm SEO Agency?

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Gone are the days when people would sift through newspapers and yellow pages to look for a law firm. As the digitization has swept through every aspect of life, people now use the internet to find lawyers and firms. If you look at the search tendency for the term “law firm” on Google for the US, you will find out that it is at its peak interest-over-time value. This metric indicates that law firm SEO has become an essential aspect for any lawyer to promote their practice online.

However, it is not easy to find experts who can help a law firm to improve its visibility in the search ranking. For all those lawyers who have just forayed into the practical world, it is essential to be proactive about their digital media promotion.

Seasoned lawyers may not depend too much on aggressive promotion because they can get enough clients through referrals. In contrast, new lawyers and law firms have to bank on all promotional channels to become a recognizable name in the industry.

As more people are searching the web for law firms, law firm SEO has become more critical than ever. If you want to improve your rank in relevant searches, find the best lawyer SEO firm, and this post will help you with that.

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Determine Your SEO Goals

When finding the best lawyer SEO firm, the first thing you need to do is determine your SEO goals. For many lawyers, it is an unfamiliar world where many times, they just hire an SEO firm in peer pressure, and without doing their due homework. Here are some things that you need to know and sort out before calling or emailing any SEO consultant and firm.


You should know for what exact keyword(s) you want to rank top on Google. You certainly don’t want to top Google’s worldwide ranking for the word “lawyer” or “law firm.” You have to narrow it down to a niche for which most of your potential clients will be running their queries.

For instance, “probate lawyer in Michigan” might be a more meaningful keyword to target for a Michigan lawyer offering their services to settle estate affairs of a decedent. Make a list of keywords that you want your SEO firm to work on, and are in line with your specific law practices.

When you come up with a list of keywords, a well-reputed SEO consultancy firm offers you a complete insight into it. They also suggest relevant keywords with the track record of giving good results.

Content Optimization

Do you want to optimize your landing page only or need every piece of content on every webpage to be SEO savvy? You should know this beforehand. Different SEO services involve different charges. Also, holistic SEO work involves a longer turnaround.

Online Reputation Management

Many firms have a considerable online presence, but what lacks for them is the management of online reputation. If your firm and practice also need a reputation overhaul more than keyword optimization, your search for a lawyer SEO firm will be different.

Search SEO Firms and Consultants Accordingly

Once you are clear on what SEO service you need, you can effortlessly search for the relevant consultants. For instance, if your firm operates in some particular states or cities, you may need to hire local SEO experts.

Search for Niches

Also, keep in mind that SEO firms and consultants also have their niches, just like your law practice or any other service. This means you may need to search for keywords like “Law Firm Marketing” or “lawyer SEO firm” to get the list of suitable SEO experts.

Knowledge of Law Practices

It is also important that an SEO team you work with is not just sharp with the technical backend of the optimization. They must have a fair knowledge of law practices that you provide. When SEO experts have the legal knowledge and understand its jargon, they can structure a website and its content with context and for better optimization.

Case Studies and References

Any well-reputed and seasoned lawyer SEO firm doesn’t just talk about giving you the required online visibility results. They tell you how they are going to get them and also show it through case studies and references of their past assignments. An SEO firm that has a substantial body of work to show and has helped several law firms and lawyers with their Google ranking is certainly reliable than the one that can only make promises.

Work with a Pre-agreement

Any trustworthy SEO firm always works with an MOU. This formal documentation makes their partnership with their clients a smooth-sailing. You also need to know about the elements of this agreement to identify the best lawyer SEO firms in your region.

Payments and charges: SEO firms offer their service with different payment structures. You may get charged on hourly bases. Some firms charge monthly. Then some consultants also have the fee per page. Also, some firms charge a flat rate for an entire project. This billing is usually done when you opt for Pay-for-Performance services.

Reporting: A SEO firm provides its clients with progress reports regularly. So, make sure that an SEO firm promises to provide regular updates.

Communication: It is another pain point that needs to be resolved in advance. Will you correspond through mail or call? Or is there is a single person or a team who will entertain your queries? An SEO company with clear and streamlined communication tends to serve better.

We hope that the above discussion helps you find the best lawyer SEO firm for giving your law practice services the required online visibility and web traffic.

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