Instagram On Website: Why and How to Embed Instagram Feed

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The journey of social communications, information-sharing, content accessing, and commercial activities has come so far with the changing social media and digital landscape.

Today, interactions & shopping are highly inspired by visual content and instant messaging through social media. Consumers are tremendously engaged in this visual content.

Social networks are the greatest source of engaging and interactive content and Instagram is the most apparent social platform of engaging visual content.

Instagram & social influence

Social media influence on the users has reached new heights with over 3.5 billion active social users and the integration of social with shopping has taken it further.

Consumers are looking for a digital social fulfilling experience where they have access to engaging content for browsing, sharing, interacting, and shopping altogether.

Instagram is one such social media network that is immensely effective in delivering this digital social fulfilling experience to the consumers instantly & effectively.

This is a big reason for Instagram’s rapid success and its growing user base of over a billion active monthly users and over half a million monthly active users.

Instagram content is known to be extremely attractive, interactive, and engaging to the audience and this presents an opportunity for the business to manipulate this and gain benefits.

And embedding Instagram feed on website is the most popular & effective option to take advantage of the benefits that Instagram can offer.

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Why Embed Instagram Feed on Website?

In this digital age, We all know that having an online presence through a website and a social presence on social media networks is extremely crucial for your business.

But the times have changed and just the presence won’t cut it for you or your business.

Embedding your website with social media or Instagram particularly will open a plethora of opportunities for your business.

Embedding Instagram feed on your website links your online presence to your social presence and this makes it a digital superpower that can help you unlock maximum digital potential for your business.

Here are some reasons why you should embed Instagram feed on website.

1. Channelize traffic to your website

As we saw earlier that Instagram has billions of active users and linking Instagram to the website will help in channelizing this traffic to your website.

This extended traffic will result in providing much needed extensive reach, exposure, and awareness to a fresh organic audience.

The maximum audience on your website will have maximized engagement and possibilities of conversions for your business.

2. Display UGC as social proof

User-generated content is highly crucial for any business – be it small, medium or large. Instagram is a great hub for interesting & valuable user-generated content.

By adding the Instagram feed to your website you can bring in this valuable UGC to your website and this will also help in building trustworthiness, authenticity, and reliability of your online presence & business.

User-generated content is an excellent way to display social proof and besides it is influential in shaping consumers’ shopping behavior.

3. Enhance vibrancy through Visuals

Instagram is a visual-heavy social media platform and visual content is extremely attractive and engaging to the audience in the digital environment.

Visual is more expressive and interactive as compared to the plain textual content. Besides, visuals can store more information, deliver intended sentiments, and are processed 60000 times faster comparatively.

Bringing in visual engaging content from Instagram will help in adding vibrancy to your website with enhanced interactivity & attractiveness.

4. Content creativity & Shoppability

Content is significantly Crucial for both the online and social presence of your business. And garnering creative and engaging content for Instagram through the feed can help in displaying impactful content.

Besides, the feed can be made shoppable as well where you can tag your products in the Instagram feed and allow users to buy the products directly from the feed itself.

This helps in delivering a superior user experience, shorter purchase journey, easy navigation, product discoverability, and enhanced user dwell time on your website.

How to embed Instagram feed on the website

Now that we know why we should embed Instagram feed on the website, here are some ways through which you can embed Instagram easily and simply on your website.

1. Social media aggregation tools
These tools are immensely useful in aggregating and displaying content from vast social media networks.

You can even customize the feed, moderate the content, add promotions, banners, shoppability, and much more to your feed with these tools.

2. Instagram embed option
Instagram has its own embedding option for the posts. You can go to the menu section of a post and select the embed the option.

This will provide you a custom HTML code that you can copy and paste in the body section of the website page where you want to display it. It is easy & simple and adds interactivity & vibrancy to your website.

3. Embed Screenshots
This is probably one of the easiest and simplest ways to embed Instagram feed on your website. You just need to capture or record the Instagram post your want embed.

Once you capture the post, you can them paste or post that image or video on your website where you want to display it.

It is not that interactive but it helps in showcasing creative visual content and can act as support to your website content.

4. Instagram widgets & plugins
There are various third-party widgets and plugins that are available out there that can help you embed Instagram feed on your website.

These plugins & widgets can help in embedding an interactive & attractive Instagram feed but there are some limitations to them as well.

As these plugins and widgets do not necessarily work with every website building platform and some features might require to pay for them to access it.

Instagram is one the fastest growing social media platforms out there with tremendous utilities for both the consumers and the brands.

Therefore, it becomes essential that you take advantage of the growing trend that has a strong influence on the consumers. And linking the website to Instagram is one such way to do it.

In the present day, it is beneficial to promote and sell at the same time to take instant benefit of the consumers’ interest. An Instagram feed can hugely help in achieving this goal for your business.

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