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SEO is not only about building/earning high-quality, relevant links. It’s also about devising and implementing a solid internal linking strategy, among many other things.

In enterprise-level sites – ones that have tens of thousands of pages – linking low authority pages to the high-authority, linked-to pages helps solve indexation problems.

You see, internal linking not just boosts your SEO efforts – it makes it easier for Google to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.

So what are internal links, anyway?

Links that target the same domain on which they exist (in order to give users more value and more insight, and to stick them to your website) are known as internal links.

Site navigation is the best example of internal linking. Navigation links not just help users easily browse through your site – they tell search engines what are your most important pages, spreading link juice within your site.

Let’s now discuss the internal linking best practices so you can put a solid step forward to getting your website found in search engines.

  • Footer links are not bad unless they target useful pages of your website.
  • Never (ever!) nofollow your internal links.
  • Internal linking doesn’t mean you can over-optimize your anchor texts. Create descriptive anchors and make sure they look terribly natural, as you do with external links. Okay, you may use keywords occasionally but don’t get obsessed over it.
  • We recommend breadcrumb navigation as it’s a great way to do internal linking, one that also tells users where exactly they are on your site, hence increasing their experience.
  • Use tools like Broken Link Checker to make sure there’s no broken link on your site.
  • In an ecommerce site, one great way to do internal linking is by providing the “people who viewed this also viewed” section.
  • Make sure to limit internal links to maximum 100 per page.

Did we miss anything? Do let us know in the comments below. 🙂

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