Pay for Performance SEO Is Accountable Marketing, Not Shamming

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For more than 8 years we’ve been building brands, often through pay for performance model. Of course, we have flat-fee pricing, too.

Pay for performance model, though, has always given us utmost satisfaction not because it helps us attract more clients but because it is based on value delivered.

See, a service, in its true sense, means helping people get what they want. And for a company that sees beyond profit, it shouldn’t make any sense to get paid without actually moving the needle, without being accountable for its clients’ investments.

So we take pride in being one of the pioneers of pay for performance SEO model and in giving our clients real results for their money, always.

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It’s rather unfortunate, however, that this model is getting tainted due to some bad eggs in the industry. So we thought we’d prepare a brief go-to guide to help our readers make an informed choice.

Educate yourself about what’s not good for your site

There’re a plethora of shady things that your SEO firm may do to trick you. There’s article syndication where they submit thin content across a lot of low quality sites linking back to your site, making it eventually spammy in Google’s eyes.

Then there’s anchor text over optimization where they aggressively try to get your site top rankings, which later results in Google Penguin or manual penalty.

Another way is to momentarily manipulate your site’s performance in search engines is fake social signals. They have a network of spammers through which they promote your site across social media through fake profiles, ones that don’t have any authority. And social promotion is about engaging your target audience, not spammers, right?

There’re, quite honestly, a lot more ways to fool you: comment spamming, content spinning, keyword stuffing, excessive internal linking and counting.

Decide your performance metrics carefully

Sure, rankings are still important to be found over search engines but they should never (ever!) be the only performance metric in your SEO campaign.

Think about traffic. Bounce rate. Link value. Link depth. Referrals. Social media. Content. Crawl rate depth. URLs indexed. And above all conversions. After all, rankings don’t make you money, do they?

And remember: if rankings are not your only Godot you’re less than likely to be duped.

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