Pay for Performance SEO: What makes it a ‘Risk-Free’ Preposition

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As humans, we have this nag of getting the best product because of the simple fact ‘we are paying for it.’ It’s not a bad habit at all, after all, money is not meant to be distributed just like that, it has to be earned and spent thoughtfully. The idea is same with pay for performance SEO strategy. You pay only for what you get from the service provider. 


Performance Based SEO Pay for Performance SEO Agency


Why Performance-based SEO?

From SEO provider’s point of view, performance-based SEO plan is easy to sell in the market. It is viewed as a safe option to gain better search placement. Thus, agencies prefer to market the plan to gain the trust of the customers and get them business. After all, who doesn’t like the offer of, ‘pay only when you get the results?’

Rendering Performance-based SEO Plan

The important fact to know before hiring a pay-for-performance SEO firm is how they are going to help you achieve your business objectives. There are some other important things to consider in this respect, which include:

  • Define your result considerations to the company clearly.
  • Rankings along with quality traffic are the need of the hour.
  • Mention your non-liking for shortcuts and you prefer only high-quality, relevant inbound links.
  • Keep in mind factors such as content, authorship, social, and user experience that greatly impact SEO are fulfilled.
  • Customized SEO strategy for your business will give you better results.

Beware of Bad Signs123

Like in every industry, there are a few SEO providers that will not meet the mark. You need to be aware of such companies and these points will help you hold guard when you come across such organizations.

Inexperienced in the Field of SEO

A lot of new companies are coming up offering SEO service and claim to deliver best results; however, you need to be cautious. Check their website to judge their work portfolio. Companies that don’t have proper SEO website cannot help you either.

Unethical Practice(s)

Few SEO companies resort to unethical optimization techniques to meet their promises of delivering results. These practices in SEO terminology are categorized under ‘Black Hat’ and include the following –

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Creating poor quality back links
  • Comment spamming
  • Irrelevant directory submissions
  • Content spinning

Ancient Practices

Also, the SEO landscape changing every year, yet some companies still resort to outdated SEO practices that search algorithms no longer appreciate. Make sure you check this and not fall in the trap.

Areas under Focus in Your SEO Strategy


SEO is much more than improving the search placement of your business; make sure you get that done.


Hitting blindfolded never gets you the target. So keep the relevant keywords as target to attract traffic.


Ensure the agency doesn’t work on outdated or unethical SEO practices, including article syndication, link exchange, use of invisible text, etc.


The quality of content used in promotional write-ups matters a lot. Review content to ensure it shares usable information and it will help in getting better ranking and improved online visibility.


Your SEO Company will share reports with you, which will help you measure the performance of your website rankings and traffic. Moreover, you can determine the overall impact of the results on your business.


For a profit-making entity, it is important to employ a competent agency who not only values your business, but is also committed in helping it achieve the defined goals. Hence, a performance-based SEO payment system becomes quite important for such companies, as it reflects their working capability and determines their stature in the market. Thus, availing the pay for performance SEO service will prove to be a pivotal SEO strategy for your business.

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