Powerful Pay-Per-Click Campaign: The essentials of PPC

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Pay-Per-Click Campaign The essentials of PPC

After knowing the fact that Mobile is the future, targeting mobile audience has become the first and foremost preference of the businesses. The emergence of smartphones has changed the face of digital marketing, whether it is SEO, SMO, PPC, Responsive Web Design, and so on. Strategies nowadays are built by keeping the mobile audience as the prime factor in the mind.

PPC is the form of paid marketing that delivers instant results, and if it is performed in a full-fledged way, it can dramatically boost your business regarding leads and revenues. But, if it is done casually, then the result could be distressful for your business.

If you have included PPC in your marketing strategy, then the essentials mentioned below is going to help you.

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Embrace Negative Keywords

Negative keywords help businesses to reduce ad spending, reach the most interested and relevant buyers, and maximize ROI (Return on investment).

For instance, if you are a company that doesn’t offer anything for free then including it in your negative keywords, your business will not be visible in the search bars.

Watch this video from Google that explains how to use negative keywords.

If you have not used negative keywords yet, then try it to see its unseen business benefits.

Use Call Only Campaigns – If Possible

According to Google, using call extensions in PPC can increase CTR (Click-through-rate) by 6-8 percent. Adding phone numbers to PPC campaign allows and encourages buyers to contact businesses directly. If you use this extension, it will simply place a ‘Call’ button on your PPC ad.

Use of call extensions dramatically gained huge preference with the advent of smartphones. Call only campaigns encourage potential prospects to call you directly. Therefore, call only campaigns can yield great results for your PPC campaign.

Schedule AdWords: To Find Maximum Potential Buyers

According to a blog published on PPC HERO by Hayley Coutinho, with the help of Google AdWords, you can catch your customers at peak times. For assured improvement of your PPC campaign, you can narrow peaks down by hourly slots of every day of the week.

So, using AdWords during high times will help potential buyers find your brand mush faster as it is an excellent way to show your ads whenever a customer searches online.

For getting a clear understanding of custom ad scheduling, you can visit this link.

Focus on Local Clients: For Boosting Sales

The advent of smartphones has boosted the search for the local information. Thus, focusing on local customers can give you outstanding business benefits. You should create a flexible PPC campaign to target your local area, city, and state. Focusing on local customers reduces your costs and enables you to target maximum potential buyers in your local circle.

Most of the local searches through smartphones are more likely to get converted. Therefore, focus on local clients, it will be beneficial.

Use Ad Extensions: To Make Your Ad Worthwhile

Use of ad extensions in PPC campaign not only enhance quality scores but also improve CTR. If you avoid using ad extensions or use irrelevant extensions, then you PPC campaign may end up in a fiasco.

There are different types of extension are available such as site-link extension, phone extension, location extension, review extension, product extension, and so on.

Aside from this, use of ad extensions enables you to provide your audience different options. Therefore, use ad extensions as they can prove to be a complete game changer for your business and help you to attain high PPC conversion rate. But, only when you choose and use them wisely.

Do Check Your Quality Scores: It Matters a lot

Regular monitoring of quality scores help you in determining whether your keywords are making any difference? Google rates the quality of your keywords on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the best score.

Use of ad extensions increases quality scores of your keywords. So, try different ad extensions that you think is relevant to use for your PPC campaign.

Further, in Google Analytics, you can go to “columns,” click on “attributes,” then click “quality score” to check the effectiveness of your used keywords. If you find your keywords are not performing, then you can change it.  Google Analytics offers you an excellent way to get crucial insights for your existing keywords. Further, it saves money and time by allowing you to remove additional search terms.

Use Long Tail Keywords: To Save Money

Google provides four search types namely “exact,” “phrase,” “broad match,” and “broad match modifier.”

Try to identify your customers’ behaviors, what they often say about your product and then create a list of long keywords. They are comparatively less expensive than direct matches.

Further, according to Socialb, longer quotes or entire quotes dramatically improve PPC conversion rates, and the most important part, it saves money.

Optimize your Landing Page for High Conversion

Optimization of a landing page is crucial for the success of PPC campaign. A landing page must contain high-quality information along with relevant keywords that explain how the products or services you offer can solve the problems of people. Make crucial changes to make your landing page impactful so that it can complement your PPC campaign and let you attain high conversion.

Loading speed of a landing page is a critical factor because it is something that generates leads. You can use Google Page Speed service to test the loading speed of your landing page.

Final Words

PPC is an important technique of digital marketing that needs extra attention. Otherwise, all your efforts may end up in a fiasco, and it will be a complete wastage of time and money. By keeping the points in mind that are explained earlier, you can create a win-win situation for your business.

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