Search Marketing: What is the future of SEO & Inbound Marketing

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In the world of uncertainty, it won’t be wrong to say that change is the only constant. However, no one can predict the future, knowing what’s going to happen right before it happens gives you a strategic advantage over others. Today, online business marketing strategy clearly depends upon numerous factors including latest updates by major search engines such as Google. Also, inbound marketing is changing very quickly and getting just a glimpse of future can easily motivate you to focus on improving the amount of leads you generate for your enterprise.

If you look at the world around you, you will realize that the way people shop has changed tremendously. They have switched from brick and mortar stores to computers and now smart phones and tablets. The number is constantly increasing and it is definitely not going to decrease. The world is going forward in a fast pace, and sooner you change your strategies, the better your business will perform.

The old picture of search engine optimization has changed. So, does it still retain its old relevance in Digital marketing world where content is still the KING?

When we talk about online marketing, it won’t be wrong to say that SEO and Digital marketing features at the top of marketing agenda. Previously, very few professionals had direct involvement with SEO, but nowadays, content marketing has become a priority and almost everyone is creating content to get higher visibility on the search engines. So, what does the future of search marketing holds? Let’s discuss.

The war of content

Every marketer today is trying to create informative content, infographic, video, or a thought provoking and insightful white-paper. Today, most people put every effort into the conception and execution of content, due to which, the technical part of SEO gets overlooked. SEO has somehow been superseded by content marketing; however, it is extremely important for digital marketers not to take their eyes off the SEO ball. After Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and other such updates, there is an ongoing need to prioritize the technical SEO elements, while at the same time concentrating on content marketing.

AuthorRank and Authorship

A feature that permits content producers to be recognized, Authorship helps businesses earn more online visibility. The better the author is and more credibility they hold, the higher is the amount of readers. This clearly signals Google that the author’s content deserves attention and favorable rankings. The term used for this process is AuthorRank. Increasing AuthorRank and setting authorship is one of the most important factors of SEO.

Relevance of PPC

Pay per Click or paid search is another issue experiencing important change as a result of the shift in search engine optimization. A lot of professionals believe in PPC because online visitors are taking all the control of the content they consume, does not reduce its value. Also, SEO takes time.

Power of SEO

The results and authenticity of the results in SEO is precisely the reason that it is still powerful and holds a value. SEO still matters; however, it becomes important to relate it with various other factors such as content, branding and social elements. SEO, if done properly, still holds the value in this ever changing market.


In a nutshell, it won’t be wrong to say that creating a visible presence on the web is important. However, SEO alone cannot help you attain maximum results and investment returns. Today, it is important to include various important factors in your marketing strategies to get desired results.

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