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Supercharge Content Strategy

It’s all about competitors, competition, market, and success. Well, “success can’t be achieved overnight.” It comes with years of hard work, failures, and disappointments.

The success of any organization, nowadays, is often measured in ROI. You can sense the level of competition, with the way companies are making efforts to uplift their brand engagement and lead generation.

In today’s digitally-engaged world, one more proposition that seems perfect when it comes to boosting sales is “the more you tell, the more you sell.” Well, by now, you would have understood what I am talking about, “Content Marketing.”

Content Marketing has now become the heart of marketing function. You can notice its significance in sales and marketing for your company. A brand builds high awareness through impressive presentations, website content, blogs, articles, press releases, and so on just because of content.

For attracting customers towards your brand, you have to provide finely-tailored content in the form of case studies, whitepapers that should be centered on buyers’ issues to encourage and compel them to adopt your solution. However, still, several companies don’t know how to align the sales to utilize their created content marketing strategy to its maximum.

A study by SiriusDecisions unveils that sales people often don’t even use 60-70 percent of marketing material as a result of which the created content goes wasted. This means about two-third investment in content marketing is going waste and is not being utilized in the right manner.

I believe if the content is used correctly, then, you can surely expect outstanding results for your business. So, in this write-up, I am going to provide you few crucial tips to make your sales more productive for your business by utilizing your valuable content.

Know Your Buyers – What They Want?

To produce the most relevant content that aligns with buyer’s needs, always try to identify your customers and the way they carry out their purchase process. Doing so will allow you to be proactive with your content creation and encourage to produce something valuable for your patrons.

For making your content worthwhile, try to understand your sales process, the problems your sales team face while dealing with buyers (buyers’ queries & objections), and what measures they take to overcome sales related challenges. Doing all these activities help you to create and iterate the appropriate content that supports not only your content strategy but also your sales team.

Create Content That Deliver Value to Buyers

Create actionable content, never make your customers feel like “you lack in something, so you should buy our product(s).” Your content marketing will only work when you provide value to your buyers. Thus, make your content customer-centric not product/service-centric.

Selling product features through content is pretty common these days, and that is what everyone is trying to do. Being little creative in thinking can take your sales to the next level and undoubtedly, your business too.

Meeting & Monitoring – Crucial For Assessment

It doesn’t matter, whether you are a big organization or a smaller one, frequent meeting with sales and marketing team is pretty critical. You can exchange feedbacks on how your content is being utilized whether it is proving helpful to your customer or you need to re-work on your content marketing.

Meeting & Monitoring

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It is worthless to produce content that isn’t working at all. In addition to it, the marketing team has to play an important part because they give you the exact idea of what’s going on in the market and bring some critical data that leads to creating useful content for supporting your sales.

Share Your Content With Sales Team

Making your content accessible to your sales team is critical so that they could understand your business targets and goals. Doing so will open some real perspectives for the sales team that can further prove beneficial for them – especially when handling customer queries.

Provide the access of your CRM, Dropbox, or whatever you use for storage of content so that they could easily and quickly access by the time they need. To make your content worthwhile and highly yielding, you have to work in collaboration with your sales team.

Measure and Monitor Success

Repetitions or iterations will be worthless until you measure and monitor your success. Try to identify and understand up to what extent your content is working. For measuring and monitoring progress, you can set up analytics for your business.

If your content is not hitting the deck that you want, then unnecessary iterations are not going to help at all, and you have to admit this fact. Modify your content and if required, rework your content marketing strategy to boost your sales.

Get Insights from Sales Analytics

Analytics has made lives trouble-free as it provides crucial insights into your marketing strategy. Sales analytics tools give marketing ideas about the piece of content used frequently and the content that needs to be produced for improvement. Use of analytics gives you the absolute reason behind every question related to sales, especially, “why” questions.

By using the insights derived from analytics help you to make significant future adjustments for the betterment of your business.

Sales Repetitions to Personalize Content

Sales reps throw a need for personalizing content for better engagement. Engagement is achieved due to interest, and it comes with relevancy. So, it is important to analyze whether the type of content you are delivering is meeting with the real requirements or not. Personalization strengthens relationships and takes your customers little closer to your business.

Outcome: Alignment of Content with Sales Team Adds Value to Your Business

Research from Aberdeen Group unveils that companies that align marketing and sales with customer-centered content marketing experience 21 percent better lead acceptance rates.

Besides this, such companies register 36 percent higher average conversion rates than the companies who ignore aligning sales with content.

Proper alignment of content with sales can take your business to the next level and keep you ahead of the competition.

I hope you enjoyed reading this write-up and wish it will prove beneficial to you. So, this time, work in a collaborative way for getting assured success for your business. Don’t forget to drop your valuable comments and suggestions below.

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