The 7 Commandments of SEO That Help You Actually Get Found and Make Money

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“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”

Today, we put light upon the 7 SEO commandments that really work but are unfortunately (often times) kept in the dark to get fast results and dupe humanity.

These commandments, if followed religiously, should raise you above the chaos of mediocre. They should help you improve your rankings and increase your brand awareness, traffic, leads and sales.


Thou shalt make it easy for search engines to read and rank thy website

The first step to SEO is making your website crawlable. That means you need to optimize your page titles, meta tags, heading tags, alt tags, keywords, URLs, site structure, internal links, site speed and more.

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Thou shalt think about not just what Google wants but also what thy users want

In a world that’s witnessed Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, it’s become ever more important to focus on giving optimal experience to users.

Today if you keep users happy, you’re more than likely to turn more visitors into clients, and Google will love to rank you.

Thou shalt not obsess over links

Unnatural links, paid links that pass PR and even link obsession are the things that you need to keep from in order to get sustainable success from search.

Rather, create compelling content strategy to build/earn links and focus on marketing rather than playing around with links and Google’s intelligence.

Thou shalt always produce share-worthy content

Remarkable content is something that not just wows your readers – it compels them to share it with their friends, quote it, link to it and recommend it.

This is the kind of content you should produce in order to make authority in the eyes of search engines and build your business.

Thou shalt use Google Webmaster Tools for your own sake

GWT helps you submit your sitemap, discover broken links, set crawl rate, get link analysis…

Above all, it helps you find out what Google thinks of your website and provides useful suggestions if and when you get penalized.

Thou shalt not litter thy website or thy blog with mediocre content

If you’ve been with us for a while, you must have heard us saying your blog is your best marketing weapon. The same applies to your website.

See, your blog and website reflect your brand. You may guest post thousands of stellar articles around the web but they won’t move your revenue if your website and blog don’t meet your users’ expectations. And if they’re likeable, rest assured, your brand becomes likeable too – and you’ll never out of customers.

Thou shalt never, ever transgress

It’s, quite frankly, useless to find loopholes in Google’s algorithm. Google will ultimately fix them sooner than you think. Not just that, it’ll come out with ravishing updates (remember Penguin?) to penalize the spammers.

Instead, isn’t it smarter to help Google give better results so that Google helps you get maximum traction out of it?

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