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The businesses relying on the World Wide Web for acquiring clients may have to reconsider the optimization plan being used on their website as the recent Penguin Update released by Google is bound to be some kind of impact on the rankings of their websites. Though the update released by the search industry bigwig does not mean that a business website can no longer be optimized; however, the optimizers now need to be extremely careful while optimizing websites as with the update in place, Google’s algorithm has gotten a lot stringer about spamming.

Why so much fuss?

Google attracts about 90 million unique visitors from all around the world, making it exceptionally important for businesses to have a high rank on the searches pertaining to their industry. Regardless of the segment we talk about, every notable business hopes to achieve better ranks on Google’s search results, and makes a substantial investment to get its website optimized for the search engine by employing a Search Engine Optimization firm.

How is it affecting Online Businesses?

The recent update has taken the online market as well as the SEO industry by storm, as the new update has already started penalizing the websites optimized using spamming or any other black-hat technique used for website optimization. On one hand, the websites optimized using black hat techniques are losing their search rankings; on the other, various website are being banned by the search provider for using unethical search optimization techniques for enhanced search rankings.

What about ethical Optimization?

Much to the delight of the webmasters, the sites optimized using unique and captivating content are being notably rewarded. The websites are not only ranking higher on web searches; the relevance of the traffic received by the websites has also improved. This in turn is resulting in enhanced conversion rate and thus, greater efficiency. Perhaps this explains the sudden rise in the demand of competent search optimizers capable of enhancing website rankings through white-hat techniques.

To encapsulate, it is safe to say that with the Penguin Update in place, even though the axe has fallen heavily on the business websites optimized relying on unethical SEO techniques, the ones optimized through ethical SEO techniques are being finally being rewarded by the search giant.

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