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Mobile marketing is the most employed tactics used by digital marketers, in 2015. Global mobile internet users are all set to outnumber the people accessing the web via traditional mediums, leaving no room of doubt about the potential promised by mobile marketing in the coming years. Every business, therefore, must include mobile marketing in their overall business promotion strategy.

To help you make the most of your marcomm spend, in this post, we have unraveled some of the most sought marketing trends for 2015.

Content Marketing

In the realm of digital marketing, content was, is, and will always be – the king – and there are no two ways about it. Whether the target is to gain better organic placement or convert prospects, t1he need to use high-quality ‘usable’ content that holds palpable value for the reader is indispensable. If required, hire a subject matter expert, but make sure the content you share is relevant, valuable, and engaging.

Tips for Effective Content Marketing:

  • Identify your target readers and create the content ‘for’ them.
  • Prepare and maintain a calendar to ensure continuity in broadcasts.
  • Try to reach authoritative people in your domain who can amplify your content.
  • Invest to promote the content that is actually working for your business and its goals.
  • Ensure every broadcast is not only unique, but also holds a unique ‘value proposition’.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is certain to be among the most employed tactics by digital marketers in 2015. Global mobile internet users are all set to outnumber the people accessing the web via traditional mediums, leaving no room to doubt about the potential of by mobile marketing in the coming years. Every business, therefore, must include mobile marketing in their overall business promotion strategy.

Tips for Effective Mobile Marketing:2

  • Make sure you have mobile-friendly website.
  • Use responsive web design for all pages.
  • Ensure easy navigation and accessibility if features.
  • Leverage mobile social media, paid and otherwise.
  • Use intriguing call to actions in all initiatives.

Satisfaction Mapping

Satisfaction mapping is particularly important for direct sales businesses, especially those with multiple touch-points. Your customers are probably the most active carriers of your message, and therefore, it is important to ensure their satisfaction, in order so that they put a positive word forward in their social and personal networks.3

Tips for Effective Satisfaction Mapping:

  • Use digital surveys such as IVR, email, etc.
  • Setup a manual feedback channel for high priority clients.
  • Appoint dedicated mapping teams for different touch-points.
  • Employ a cloud-based system to ensure operational lucidity.

PPC Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising is, and will continue to be one of the most-effective marketing tactics in 2015. By investing in paid ads, you ensure (well, almost) that your offerings are broadcasted to the right audience. Though, it may seem like an “unnecessary” investment if you are new to the virtual world, it deserves a prominent place in every digital marketing strategy.4

Tips for Effective PPC Advertising:

  • Don’t restrict the communication to ‘offers’.
  • Experiment with different size formats.
  • Use demographic and behavioral filters.
  • Target higher CTR, lower CPC will follow.
  • Derive and employ info from the ads that worked earlier.
  • Think ‘beyond’ text ads.

Brand Promotion

A business might not be a globally recognized brand, but who says it cannot be one? Every business, large or small, needs to ensure that all of its marketing initiatives contribute towards enhancing its brand value in the target market. In this regard, it is important to first decide the image that you want to project, of your business, which must include a unique value proposition for the target audience.5

Tips for Effective Branding:

  • Use color schemes that appeal target customers.
  • Engage a competent design resource.
  • Be consistent with branding initiatives.
  • Leverage different media options.
  • Position yourself as per your ‘value proposition’.

Use Rich Content

Text, not matter how intriguing, may not suffice in a lot of scenarios where graphic content and videos are commonplace. Hence, in order to capture the maximum possible share of the target market, it is advisable to use rich content, as and when required. Case studies, infographics, process overviews, demo videos and, other such options can prove to be extremely beneficial.

Tips to Use Rich Content:

  • Evaluate the behavior and expectation of target customers.
  • Never compromise on the quality of the content to be used.
  • Share the content created as much as possible and encourage others.
  • Provide links to useful resources, citations, and/or your website.
  • Use images in blog shares, both on your own website and off-page.
  • Use paid promotions to amplify the content that is working.

Affiliate Marketing

Although affiliate marketing is an age old technique to bring in more customers, it is one of the very few that have managed to maintain their yield, despite the emergence of numerous new avenues. By creating a network of affiliates, you not only get more time and money to invest on your core function, but are also able to gain enhanced brand recognition without any direct investment.Affiliates - US

Tips for Effective Affiliate Marketing:

  • Uphold immaculate quality in service delivery.
  • Provide comprehensive support to your affiliates.
  • Ensure complete transparency on all fronts.
  • Be extremely careful when screening potential affiliates.
  • Try different programs for different affiliates.

Email Marketing

Probably the most scrutinized of all, email marketing is still an effective technique if employed in the right, progressive manner. During the nascent days of email communication, most marketers used email for mass-mailing, which is simply imprudent. Fact is, with options such as behavioral email triggering, email marketing can take your digital marketing ROI to a whole new level.

Tips for Effective Email Marketing:

  • Create a permission-based contact list
  • Offer something for useful to the recipients (such as product demo, white paper, etc.)
  • Aim to gather as much market info as possible. Conversions will follow.
  • Make sure that all communications contain the link to unsubscribe.
  • Have a clear privacy policy in place and adhere to it.
  • Conduct a thorough research on what’s ‘working’ in your domain.

Social Marketing

Although there is no real need to emphasize on the importance of integrating social marketing in your overall stagey, if, however, someone is been living under a rock, it is extremely important for them to start thinking social before time runs out. Every business, regardless of its size or nature, must focus on tapping the endless opportunities presented by the social media.9

Tips for Effective Social Marketing:

  • Share images and updates at the right time.
  • Use A/B testing on your social pages.
  • Study and employ the influence of different colors.
  • Response to all comments and queries at the earliest.
  • Setup Google authorship and use rich snippets.
  • Use Twitter to share content and participate in trending topics.

Create Authority

This is perhaps the most important factor influencing the overall performance of your digital marketing initiatives. Unless the reader believes that you are a credible source of the information you offer, the chances of a conversion are bleak. Moreover, you can’t expect much in terms of search placement, either. It is therefore extremely important to ensure your business has an authoritative identity.


Tips to Create Authority:

  • Create and publish detailed content relevant to your LOB.
  • Participate in authoritative forums, digital and otherwise.
  • Encourage clients and affiliates to share their reviews.
  • Showcase text and video testimonials on your website.
  • Get affiliated with established names in your domain.

A Quick Roundup

The world is taking the virtual, with geographical barriers being no longer relevant, and the same can be said about differences in trading currencies. Although the transition has abolished numerous deterrents to business growth, it is important for every organization to employ the most efficient and cost-effective marketing tactics, and that too, as per the dynamics in play. Hope this brief read helps you to formulate a robust marketing strategy to lead your business on the highway of relentless success.

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