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YouTube is one of the most amazing and noteworthy places to attract marketing for your business. It is the second most popular media platform and search engine with 2 billion monthly active users. Maximize YouTube to promote your business. One way you can do that effectively is by making use of YouTube analytics tools. And you can further boost your presence on the search engine by using SEO services.

Analytics has to do with data. When you know the kind of contents that interest your target audience, you can leverage that and create kickass videos in that regard. With this tool at your reach, you can also understand the best and wrong times to publish videos that will attract more viewers.

An excellent YouTube analytics tool can help you out with that. However, with the stream of YouTube tools out there, we figured you may need help getting the best kind of YouTube analytics tools. Here are the top 10 YouTube analytics tools for 2020.

How Do You Get YouTube Analytics?

To get started with YouTube analytics tools, you’ve got to understand how to get analytics on YouTube. Most people are not familiar with the fact that functions like YouTube analytics can be accessed on YouTube.

Before diving into the top 10 YouTube analytics tools that can help in managing your YouTube channel, here’s how to get them straight from YouTube.

Step one: Click on your profile picture at the corner of your YouTube page

Step two: Select YouTube Studio, which is the third option there

Step three: A new page pops out showing your YouTube Studio dashboard. Check out the left-hand side, you will see “analytics” as one of the options on the dashboard.

Why Do You Need YouTube Analytics Tools?

You can’t use what you don’t understand its importance. What are your goals for using YouTube? Is it for marketing a brand or just to build a customer base for your business? Whichever it may be, a good YouTube analytics tool will give you access to different kinds of data such as:

  • Number of views
  • Number of subscribers
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Comments
  • Favorites
  • Location and gender

Aside from those mentioned above, you also get access to the viewers checking out your videos on their website. It’s called playback location.

Lastly, how many viewers watched your video or canceled it matters. A good YouTube analytics tool will give you access to that kind of data. You need YouTube analytics tools to:

  • Improve on your video creation
  • Understand the kind of videos that attract more viewers
  • Identify your target audience- gender and location

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What are the Top 10 YouTube Analytics Tools for 2020?

Here are our top 10 list of YouTube analytics tools that will help you manage your channel adequately in 2020:

1. Unbox Social

This is an efficient analytics tool that comes in handy when trying to track your performance on YouTube. It is a great tool that offers a lot of features that will assist in your YouTube campaign.

With this incredible tool, you’re able to track audience response to your video and other information such as:

  • How fast you get subscribers
  • Which video attracts more viewers
  • The videos shared
  • The duration between the time a video was shared and when it was watched

This data will help restrategize on the kind of video you should be posting and the ones you should avoid.

2. Channel Meter

Channel Meter is another amazing analytics tool that will help you get access to data. It features a detailed dashboard comprising of different kinds of data in the form of charts and graphs. This will help you keep an eye on your performance rate and growth rate on YouTube.

What you’ll love about Channel Meter is its benchmark feature which allows you to compare other people’s performance on YouTube with yours. With this kind of data at reach, you can locate the loopholes or gain more knowledge on how to improve on your video creation.

3. quintly

This is a common YouTube analytics tool great for managing multiple YouTube channels at the same time. It enlightens you on new opportunities to improve your video strategy. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It also offers a lot of meaningful reports and information that will help you assess your performance on YouTube.

4. Socialbakers

Socialbakers offers three intriguing features that make it outstanding among other YouTube analytics tools. The first feature is the content intelligence tool. This tells you the right time to post videos, the type, and the quality of video content.

The second feature is the social media monitoring tool. This helps you gather more insights from different sources that will allow you to outshine your competitors.

The third and last feature is an audience analytics tool. This gives you all the necessary information about your viewers. Their location, gender and so on.

5. vidIQ

This tool has a Chrome extension that provides immediate and automatic data on your daily performance on YouTube. It offers useful data that will assist in getting the best topics in your niche that will attract more viewers.

6. Vidyard

This analytics tool is rated highly by many experts. It helps you turn visitors into customers. It can also help out in marketing your products and services by maximizing your video content.

7. ViralStat

ViralStat is regarded as one of the top YouTube analytics tools. It is a tool that helps you track your competitors’ video content so you can find out trending videos on YouTube. It also features several reports and analysis that will improve your general performance on YouTube.

8. Vidooly

Vidooly is an online video analytics tool that comes with many features such as video tag suggestions, competitor tracking, the best upload time, comment management, subscriber behavior analysis and so on.

9. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is one of the best in the market. Its browser extension works according to YouTube’s guidelines. It helps you create meaningful titles, draft out descriptions, tag lines, and keywords. This will, in turn, enhance the visibility of your video on YouTube search engine.

10. Tubular

This is one of the top social video analytics tools. It helps you monetize and grow your business. It is an analytics tool that many marketers use to assess the reach and impact of their video content.


Developing video content and maximizing one of the largest media networks can be really hectic. To post is one thing, staying consistent is another thing. These analytics tools mentioned above will help stay one step ahead, organized and increase your odds of becoming successful on YouTube.

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Sottin Ayopo is an experienced content developer and author of this post. He is known for ghostwriting, blog writing, and SEO. He is currently working with Cardinal Digital Marketing, a digital marketing agency that specializes in PPC Management.

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