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Google is a search engine that millions of people around the world use day in day out for various reasons, such as research for business people and students, entertainment amongst other reasons. To fully utilize Google searches, different essential tips ought to be at your fingertips. Outlined below are a few tips by Redshed.

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The first and the foremost tip is regarding the tabs that are usually displayed in every search which are currently; Image, Web, News, and More. These tabs are meant to aid you in deciding what kind of search you require; whether its Images, Web sites, or even News. News will be displayed when you select the News tab; websites will be represented on the selection of Web tab and images on the Image tab. These tabs are there to help you save time during your exploration, and they may be beneficial if fully utilized.

Quotation marks:

Sometimes, you may want to search for a specific item. To improve the search results, you may try using quotation marks when feeding your device with the particular search item. This reduces guesswork for Google search as it becomes specific to the subject matter. It can help to locate accurate information that may be embedded in other content if it is not well sorted out.


Often, people tend to search for items with names that refer to different kind of things or with various meanings. This brings up the role of a hyphen. It helps Google to exclude certain words from search results. For example, when searching for ‘rose,’ Google search will produce results for both the flower and the action of rising up. In order to be more definite about the subject, you can search for ‘rose-flower’ and Google will filter the results that are not related to rose-flower.


When using Google search to search for specific websites or even content from particular sites, you can include colons in your search. For example, Coffee: Starbucks will give results for Coffee made from Starbucks company. All other unrelated information to Starbucks will not be displayed. Sometimes you may be using an individual site, and maybe it does not give satisfactory results, therefore you may want to try out other related sites. This can be very easy if you can adapt this trick; (related: This will not only give you Alibaba results but also other related sites which can be very useful and time-saving.

Whenever you want to search for a single word or phrase using Google search, you may not find the exact one. Therefore Google enables you to search for multiple results to make the search more definite and help you to find what exactly you are looking for.


At other times, you may want to search for a range of numbers, it might be a bit tedious to type all the numbers, and therefore, Google search can make it much easier. You have to use two dots, and Google search will know that you are looking for a specific range of numbers. For example, when you are searching for numbers between ten and thirty-seven, you can search for 10..37, and the numbers in between the two will be displayed.

Important words:

For better results when you are searching for websites with related names to what you are searching for, you need to try your best and use words that would sound professional rather than words used in a normal conversation. For example, ’I want to watch movies that have been released lately’ would be replaced by ‘latest movies’. This increases the reliability of the Google search results.

When searching using Google search, it is essential to type in the most important words rather than including irrelevant words which may end up limiting your search results or give results that are irrelevant to what you are looking for. This is due to the way Google search is meant to conduct searches by matching of keywords with the online content.


Use of shortcuts to give instantaneous results; without having to click on too many irrelevant and bothersome links. This is possible through entering of commands with things such as exact location with a name of the place or even using the area postcode. This can also be done by including content that is only limited to a specific item of search, and it is meant to help save time in research by reducing irrelevant content.

Spelling Mistakes:

Ignore the spelling mistakes when entering a search command; many people tend to concentrate a lot on correcting spelling mistakes when doing searches. Google search has made it much easier in that you don’t have to fix the spelling mistakes. As long as the correct word is close to what you have entered for the search, Google will figure it out by itself what you meant helping you save time.


In case you are searching for a specific file such as pdf files, Google search can give you results for this and other particular files such as PowerPoint. All you need to do is specify the kind or the type of file you are looking for by use of a colon and then file type. E.g. ‘inflation: pdf this will give you pdf files about inflation. This is a very important tip for scholars who usually search for work done by other people and saved in the form of this files; either as PowerPoint or pdf.

You do not require to type in a lot of things; Google search will always know how to search for lots of things related to your search item. You just have to make a simple search and Google search will give you multiple choices to choose from. For example, when you want to look for a gas station around you, you just have to search for gas stations; Google search will locate where you are and then give results about gas stations that are nearby. Most people use Google search, and these tips will help you to utilize this search engine fully and may help you to get better results in the shortest time possible.

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