Using FOMO In Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Has this ever happened to you that suddenly you see an Ad of a massive promotional deal and see the exact product you want? You may not have committed yet to buy it; however, your FOMO can serve as a high gear. You are afraid to miss out the chance of saving money as it may never present the offer again. This is called FOMO marketing.!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/box_620_330/image.jpg

FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out. It is a psychological trigger that humans can’t resist to respond to. According to researchers, “FOMO is a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent.”

FOMO is the favorite last straw of marketers as has proven to play out every time. Viral campaigns have helped trigger FOMO among customers. The reason is, when consumers see others around them buying a product, they want in on the queue as well.

Why use FOMO marketing?

A majority of data supports FOMO being the most prevalent form of marketing among millennials. More than 69% of millennials experience the phenomenon along with 60% of millennials with reactive purchase behavior mentioned in Strategy Online. Hence, customers often buy something just because they feel they may miss that out.

Moreover, another survey conducted by We Are Social found that more than 50% of overall social media users suffer from FOMO. The value is more than 3 billion worldwide. Well, that massive potential.

Hence, it is essential to use FOMO in your content marketing strategy to get guaranteed success. Below are ten ways to use FOMO as a part of your content marketing strategy.

  1. Set a Strict Time Limit

Humans are impulsive to make buying decisions in a time limit or under pressure with a strict urge to respect deadlines. Hence, decide a deadline and don’t delay its expiry as your customers may know you are tricking them. Also, it will negatively impact your brand’s reputation. Hype your offer via social media, email marketing and other mediums. You can keep a popup or front open banner on your website as well to grab the attention of your customers.

  1. Quote a Celebrity or Influencer

Micro and macro-influencers are dominating conversions across most social media platforms. Hence, if you are thinking to blend the impact of FOMO with influencer marketer, ensure prior social media presence of your brand. Remember, celebrities and influencers can spread your brand’s message; you have to use it effectively to convert in sales revenue. Place them on landing pages and product pages to make your visitors see them. Making it your subject line is an ideal way as well.

  1. Add Testimonials and Social Proof

“Social proof is the most powerful marketing tool that you can have at your disposal if implemented correctly.” Says; Martha Russell, Marketing Manager at Crowd Writer. Publish as many testimonials as you can along with social proof. The recognizable brands and customer feedback adds authenticity to your profile being on high demand. Encourage last names, videos and photos to make them more interesting and exciting.

  1. Create Special Offer With Deadline

As mentioned above, ticking clock serves as an active trigger. Unfortunately, marketers are more focused on discounts then deadlines. Give your customer an advantage of the deadline with FOMO marketing to motivate them to shop again from you. Offer them a free bonus, a coupon or a gift if they buy before the deadline. People get more prone to FOMO if they get to know they will get something additional for free.

  1. Advertise Bundle of Products or Services

Deals and bundles are massive across the numeric industry. Along with the pressure of the ticking clock, customers have to take advantage of saving before the sale expires. FOMO marketing strategies offer creative ways to implement the ideas of advertising offers to get its benefits. Especially, when you have a pool of starving prospects. Regardless of your industry, you can use this approach cleverly by packing your products with timelines or by creating new packages to bundle up at a steeply discounted rate before launching them individually.

  1. Use Clever Messaging

“In the world of FOMO marketing, language matters the most.” Says; Samsung Jonas, Premium Jackets. You have to make your audiences feel that the clock is ticking out and they will lose a fantastic chance if they are lazy.
When you craft your message, it is recommended to use strong adjectives and verbs to make your audiences desperate.

You have to brainstorm more to become more creative; some excellent examples are:

  • While Stock Last
  • Don’t Miss The Chance
  • Limited Time Offer

Think about your customer’s profile while designing your message. Your ultimate goal should be sending a message that if your customer does not act now, then they will regret it.

  1. Scatter Your Content

FOMO marketing approach is not just useful to boost sales; it is equally beneficial to establish your brand. Let your audience know that you have released exclusive content and informative data on different channels. They may include discounts, new products and special offers, and you will be able to increase your fans and followers pool across the internet. These will help you to make your brand more recognizable and enhance your customer’s loyalty.

  1. Design Limited-Issue Lead Magnets

Lead magnets don’t remain the same forever. Use FOMO to modify them accordingly. Advertise an exclusive infographic or an eBook with lots of relevant data and let your visitors grab it till limited time. By this, you can build lead magnets that are limited edition and will work the same way as sales do. People are stressed out to overcome the hurdle of handling endless information. Provide them with something they don’t want to miss out.

  1. Solicit UGC

If your followers want to create content for your brand, encourage them by using if for your FOMO. Nowadays people pay attention to strangers even more than influencer so make the most of it. Word of mouth marketing is the best form of marketing, and it even matters more. Consider hosting a contest and encourage participants by giving gifts and incentivize audiences to create UGC.

  1. Activate an Exit-Intent Popup

An exit-intend popup gives on time opportunity to customers. They appear when a visitor is about to close the window or browser. Marketers are often afraid of using this approach; however, it is still useful.


Creating a situation for your audiences to act fast and grab the opportunity is real. FOMO encourage sales conversions more than any other form of marketing. It is the best way to target the right customer with the right offer at the right time. Hence, get into action and don’t afraid of experimenting.

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