UX(User Experience) : What Marketers Needs to Understand About UX?

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The ever changing dynamics of the digital landscape have introduced new trends in digital marketing almost regularly. One such feature that forms an integral part of the digital world today is indeed ‘’user experience’’. However, digital marketers are grossly unaware of latest attributes of user experience and are yet to clear their stance on its overall impact.

The chief reason behind this situation can be attributed to the fact that user experience is part of designer’s profile and does not involves much of digital marketing. Though, user experience designers and digital marketers work in tandem with each other on all the projects in hand, their responsibilities and key deliverables show little to zero coherence.


Through this article we have tried to highlight the nitty-gritties of user experience that digital marketers must know in order to improve the quality of final layout. It also explains how user experience impacts the work profile of designers.

User Experience Is More than Just an Interface

One of the biggest delusions about user experience is that it is all about designing attractive interfaces. Beautiful interface is merely a part of discipline that has a much broader directive. The art of creating an interface that is seen on the screen is known as user interface design.

User experience can also be referred to as a bridge between people and technology. The discipline involves identifying, designing and enriching this relationship and further strengthening it. With a substantial increase in the use of technology, it has become rather evident that the nature of this unique bond is also coming at the forefront.

User Experience Is Not Promotion But the Product

While marketing is about urging people to crave for things, designing is more about making things that people desire. This in simple words is the basic difference between digital marketing and user experience.

User experience is more focused on the design, which is the reason why user experience designers keep prodding various questions related to product decisions. On the other hand, marketing professionals are more focused on generating more sales for the product and are not at all square with designers because of the continuous questioning. However, both teams still have to work in close proximity with each other. The coordination that is the result of this contiguity is often responsible for some amount of optimization during campaigns.

With time the ‘’user experience’’ designers start testing few assumptions about the product, on the basis on their understanding about the user requirement. This eventually proves to be decisive for digital marketers, as it provides them valuable information on how to sell their product more effectively.

User Experience Makes Use of Multiple Research

In digital marketing the relationship with research is limited to the knowledge of outputs of a much wider market-focused research. The market research is, thus, mainly focused on measuring a known market for a certain product. Hence, the focus of the research is mainly on quantitative method.

On the other hand, user experience involves intensive research that is more focused on determining and understanding user needs, for which a solution can be found via a well-designed product. Hence, the focus of research is qualitative in nature, which makes it admirable to outline a situation that is to be assessed more accurately in a quantitative manner.

Thus, the two different approaches complement each other, and help in ensuring whether the product is generating real value for consumers and also assists businesses in generating improved commercial return.


These are the few points that define the basic bridge between user experience and digital marketing that digital marketers need to understand. So, can we point out to the fact that user experience is a part of digital marketing? Or user experience designers have a natural role to play in digital marketing? Do let us know your take on it?



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