What are the Responsibilities of Web Designers

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There’s a very famous dialogue from the movie Spiderman “With great power comes great responsibility.”

This application of the phrase is not limited to superheroes, but also holds validation for web designers. Designers are just like artists who have the entire canvas to paint with their imagination. A web designer has endless possibilities to showcase their talent by designing a creative and unique website.

A lot of factors are considered while designing a successful website and web designers play an important role in it. Let’s take a look at some responsibilities of web designers.

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What does a Web Designer Do…


A website is essential for businesses. It helps an organization sell its products, attract customers, earn revenue, and drive the business. More importantly a website comprises of information architecture, visual design, front end programming, back-end programming, and web pages development. Majority of these tasks require artistic touch of a web designer. Hence, it is important for a designer to keep the target audience in mind.

Making the Most of Your Skills

Since a single person cannot be spectacular in all the work, various companies that are working to make the online world as spectacular as possible are doing it with the help of their team of adept designers. On one hand, large companies hire various team members to manage different aspects of a website, start-ups and SMBs hire an individual designer. Regardless of whether you are working with a team or handling the tasks individually, it is important to form a strategy. Before designing, make sure to –

  • Give shape to client’s idea and turn it into a working hierarchy.
  • Create the visual look and feel of the site.
  • Develop the visuals into working web pages.

Designers – Core Responsibilities


A web designer must work according to a plan and a design process that may include doing necessary research and gathering relevant information. Whenever you begin working on a new project, first learn as much as you can about the client, their business goals, and their industry.


A lot of things on the site depend upon how the designer has created the design. As web designer you may benefit a lot by learning as much as you can about the various aspects that make a site successful. just understanding the market that a business caters to will be enough to create a relevant design.


Another significant factor to understand is – how to get your clients to locate you. The answer to this is to add factors related to search engine optimization in your design. Also, SEO and web design somewhat overlap, you need to create a search friendly website, as it will be the selling point of your talent.


Having knowledge of third party web designing tools is always an advantage for a web designer. You can maximize your prospects by learning various tools and techniques related to web designing.

Point to Consider

As a web designer, it is important for you to clearly communicate your talent to the client. You need to tell them what all tasks you will be carrying out at a specific price.

Final Word

As a designer, it is important to understand your role and things that clients want you to perform. By keeping above responsibilities in mind, you will not just be able to design a unique website but also excel in the field.


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