What is the Actual worth of Getting #1 Position on Google

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The moment you decide to take advantage of digitalization of various activities happening in the world these days and use the power of the web to enhance customer reach and market your business, then only you will come to know about the level of competition in the digital market. Online advertising has become extremely beneficial for business promotions. In order for you to ensure that you have an edge over your competitors, your company’s website must be placed on the top pages of Google. But exactly what are the benefits of improved Google rankings? In this article, we will focus on the actual worth of getting #1 position of Google.

Optimizing your website

The popularity of search engine optimization in itself is a proof that ranking on the top pages of Google does matter. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is an online marketing technique, in which, professionals use proven techniques and make modifications to your website to improve your position in SERPs.

Factors that affect Google Rankings

• Competitiveness of targeted keywords
• Conversion Rate of the website on that targeted keyword
• Initial rank for the targeted keyword and the current position






Measuring the SEO campaign

To make the most of your SEO campaign, it is important to measure the results on a regular basis. The real aim of optimizing any website is to drive traffic, leads and sales for your business. These results are achievable only when prospects click on your listing in the search results and then spend some time on your website. To measure the maximum value, it is important for you to know the following –

• How many times have your relevant keywords are searched every month?
• How much traffic should you expect from #1 rank on Google?
• How much of that traffic will convert to leads or sales?

According to a recent study conducted by Chitika, any business can get around 33% clicks by ranking #1 on Google. This means that if you are positioned #1 for a keyword that is searched 1,000 times per month, then you may expect around 330 visits every month. Again, this is a rough estimate that may help you measure and analyze the number of hits you may expect for other search engine positions by using Chitika’s table.

Measure the Real Value of SEO: How to get maximum worth

When it comes to making the most of your campaign, it is not just about a ranking, it is about the rankings! To get maximum benefits, it is important to measure the traffic, leads and sales that are generated from your SEO campaign. You can easily perform this activity by using Google Analytics. You may find a nifty report called ‘Channels,’ located within the Acquisition section of Google Analytics. That report will help you keep track of the campaign, along with different marketing channels, including ‘Organic Search.’ Use this to remain updated and make the most of your campaign results.


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