What Is Voice Search And How It Helps Ecommerce Businesses?

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eCommerce has changed the way customers shop. People are driving a ‘historic and dramatic shift in consumer behavior.’ The internet has become the most powerful medium of all time.

One of the trends that have influenced consumer shopping behavior is Voice Search. Voice search is the hype these days.

And virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Samsung’s Bixby, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google Assistant are a few examples that are successful with voice queries.

72% of people with voice-activated speakers use these devices daily.

Whether it is ordering food online, playing music, booking accommodations, or accessing any information, people are using voice search to perform these activities.

Given that you can’t afford to overlook the importance of voice search as an eCommerce business owner.

Hire an eCommerce SEO Company to plan a voice-enabled search strategy and make online shopping easier for your audiences.

What Is Voice Search?

Also called voice-enabled, voice search is a technology that allows a ‘hands-free’ search. It is an advanced way to enable users to run a search query by speaking, instead of typing their search term into the search bar. The growth of smartphones and other handheld devices has increased voice search usage.

Why is Voice Search Important for E-Commerce?

Voice search has grabbed a lot of attention in the eCommerce industry due to several reasons – voice search is easy to use, and allows users to use it while doing other tasks. It is faster than typing products in the search bar.

  • 40.2& people in the USA use voice search features
  • 71% of customers prefer to conduct queries by voice instead of typing

So, if you overlook the voice search for your eCommerce business, you may lose out on the obvious opportunity. Make it the heart of your consumer experience strategy.

Here are more factors why voice search should be used for eCommerce businesses.

  • Easy to navigate: Since voice search is voice-based, it allows easy navigation to consumers. Your customer will easily find what they want on your sites.
  • Personalized Shopping Experience: Voice search allows a personalized shopping experience by giving recommendations based on individual preferences and shopping experience. For instance, if a customer uses Amazon Fresh to buy daily needs and uses Alexa for this, the voice assistant can suggest them other similar items.
  • Better user experience: No need to find a product and add it to the cart. Voice search eliminates all the multi-step shopping processes and creates an engaging customer experience.
  • Time-Efficient: In comparison to typing a query, voice search allows quick and effective solutions. While 30 to 35 words per minute is the average typing speed, voice search can let you process around 100 words per minute. That’s how voice search allows customers to communicate fast and get effective results.
  • Hands-Free Solution: Voice search allows consumers to shop hands-free. It offers great benefits to the consumer, who can now shop without having to look at a screen or type in words.

How to Optimize an eCommerce Store for Voice Search?

Restore your Business with SEO Strategy: Optimizing eCommerce SEO services strategy is among the best you can do. Voice SEO is good for higher search ranking and making your business more searchable. The reason being,  voice queries are more conversational and longer than usual “typing” search queries.

For instance, if you’re searching for a restaurant for dinner, your searches might be a little like:

  • “Restaurants near me” – Typed
  • “What are some good nearby restaurants for dinner?” – Voice

We can see in the above examples, when we type, we use searches based on ‘specific keywords. When we use voice search, searches turn out to be much more conversational.

So, for an eCommerce business, you need to prepare a voice SEO strategy.

  • Use phrases with “I” instead of “You”
  • Use semantic (logical) search phrases by understanding a searcher’s intent
  • Use variations of Who/What/Where/How/When/Why-questions
  • Create a well-mannered FAQ Page
  • Integrate colloquial search terms. E.g. for cook asparagus, you can use semantically related keywords  ‘vegetable peeler,’ ‘lemon juice,’ and ‘baking sheet.’

Prioritize Right Keywords:  When optimizing your eCommerce site for voice search, develop proper keywords and use them correctly. Speech recognition software picks up key terms you use in the conversion.

  • Use long-tail keywords and add them to content to get maximum search engine rankings
  • Use a conversational tone and create engaging and relevant content to get more impressions
  • Add question keywords by using words like what, how, best, where, top, new, free, who, why, when, etc. These are terms that trigger words generally used.

Use a Relevant & Organised Site Structure: Since an eCommerce website has so many products to show, it is advisable to arrange your store and showcase your best products and offers like site maps (easy navigation) and clear product categories.

  • Make your website clear, concise, and customer-centric
  • Avoid keeping cart navigation or product pages confusing or disorganized

This is important because if consumers are unable to find their desired information or products on your site, they may move on to another retail site that has a less complex shopping experience.

Optimize Your Page Speed Fast loading is an easy way to improve user experience and engagement. When a user conducts a voice search, Google instantly provides him/her with a relevant answer. If your page loads slowly, the search engine will ignore it.

So, increase your website speed.

  • Choose a fast web host
  • Remove broken links
  • Reduce redirects and use caching
  • Optimize images. Make sure they are not larger than required
  • Reduce the size of your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files
  • Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML by deleting commas, spaces, and other useless characters

Responsive eCommerce Website: 57% of internet users say they do not recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile.

So, develop a responsive mobile version of your site. This will generate additional leads by creating campaigns. The mobile-friendly website allows consumers to have a pleasant and enjoyable experience on their smartphones.

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