What Works Well for an Effective Communication Strategy for Start-Ups

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Undoubtedly marketing communication strategy is the term known to every business owner and marketer. It is used to reach your target market through various types of communication. It involves the message you want to convey; the medium through which it will be said or transferred; and the target the message is reaching. It actually includes everything you do to market your products and brand including everything from paid marketing to media relations.

Any marketing communication strategy revolves around three primary guiding principles:

Brand Alignment: work on the principle of brand alignment. Make sure the marketing channel you choose has the same brand perception as yours. For instance, if you sell imported makeup items, make connectionswith the journalists of top fashion and beauty magazines, not the ones writing in the local newspapers.

Customer Alignment: Your customers are the backbone of any marketing strategy. Work on the oldest saying-“be where your customers already are”. Pick channels where your potential consumers are already active. Various social media platforms have the maximum of people probably of all generations.

Budget Alignment: Choosing a marketing channel that suits your budget will be more fruitful than moving out of budget. There’s no point marketing your products by going bankrupt. Do thorough research and discover platforms that can fit your budget.

Top Marketing Communication Strategies for Brand Success:

Get a Good Brand and Brand Name

In the market, you can either make your product a brand or a commodity. The latter involves lower risks, and perhaps much more can be achieved in thin margins with the crowded market. The branding enables the company to price its products at a premium level compare to other products. It’s essential to have a message or tagline that conveys the core feature of the brand.

A logo gives an identity of the brand. It is the most visible and recalled feature of a brand. Hence the utmost care should be taken over the design and choice of the logo. Companies spend huge bucks on logo creation – that signifies its importance in branding. It’s good to hire a designer who has immense experience in the field. No two organizations should have the same logo, so don’t copy an existing logo. It should be designed to be used in a plethora of places like banners, websites, advertisements, cards etc.

Positioning is rarely understood right. When launching a brand or product, it has to be positioned suitably in the market either in the entry level, regular or premium segments. Through this process, the company creates a perception of the product in relation to its competition. The perception is defined by what is the product, its benefits to the customers, the effect on the consumers and the motivation to buy. The marketing communication through online marketing techniques like media, advertisements, emails, etc. help but most of the perception is made in the minds of consumers through packaging, pricing, product performance and other similar sources.

The primary purpose of advertising is to tell people about who you are and what you sell or what are your products. It is done to create awareness of your brand or product among consumers and prospective buyers. It is an expensive aspect and proper planning is required to achieve the intended benefits within the budget and the time frame for the campaigns. There are various online and offline media to get your message delivered to the masses.

Blogging is another cost-effective marketing communication strategy for an industry, which pays in the long run. Content marketing is undoubtedly a crucial tool that can provide a steady, measurable growth on monthly basis. Write as much as you can about the technologies, trends, issues, research and development, functionalities, product reviews, etc. to gather much more audience. Care should be taken while writing as the quality of the content matters a lot. It must be good in terms of grammar, relevance, choice of topic and quality.

Marketing Communication Strategy for Start-Ups
A large company’s marketing plan can include several campaigns on multiple channels simultaneously. The combination of all these channels is called the marketing mix. Smaller businesses or start-ups, however, should stick to one or two marketing channels to reach the target customers. Startups have a vastly different marketing communications strategy than that of large businesses. However, being effective and cost effective is the most important factor.

One of the most effective marketing strategies that go best for small businesses is to get free press for your business. This involves approaching influencers, journalists and bloggers with stories about your brand, products and company. Depending on your goals and target, you can turn your outreach into high-value publications, press mentions and interviews.

Three Steps Involved in Getting Press

  • Creating a story that works effectively on your target channel, address the interests of your ideal customers and go intact with your brand image.
  • Discovering press targets that have interests in your product and the same audience that you want to target
  • Building strong relationships with press targets and pitching them your ideas.

Getting backlinks, press, and guest blogging opportunities should be the cornerstone of any business’s marketing communication strategy. It is much more cost-effective and can reap more fruitful results than advertising. It is scalable and helps you build the long-term relationships necessary for promoting your business.

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