Your Blog Is Your Best Marketing Weapon. No, Really.

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Quick question:

Have you been investing in guest blogging lately?

Does it work for you? In other words, does it get you traffic – and revenue?

But there’s something much more important you maybe missing out on, still. If not given real attention, it can, quite literally, make your content marketing a losing battle.

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Doing guest blogging without paying attention to your blog is like creating great expectations and not meeting them. Nobody comes back to your site. Nobody becomes your raving fan.

Today, we discuss how you can make your best marketing weapon (ie your blog) actually your best marketing weapon.

Discover your target audience and understand their language and what pulls them in your orbit

First off, you need to know whom you’re writing for. Writing for everybody will lead you nowhere. Writing for a targeted audience is the best choice for those who want real attention.

Once you’ve discovered your audience, it’s time to observe what interests them and find out words they use so you can target those words for SEO benefits.

Don’t work too hard but work on it daily, consistently

A successful blog has nothing to do with writing tons of posts a day and everything to do with consistency.

You should produce at least one post on every week day. And never forget that you need to be consistent with the quality of your posts, too.

Instead of boasting, educate your readers

Here’s the sad truth: your blog isn’t about you. It’s about your audience. It’s there to inspire trust, increase brand loyalty and encourage sales.

So put your own ego aside, provide value to your readers and educate them. And trust us, if people start liking you and looking for you, Google will give you more preference in search results.

Engage with your readers – even better, go social

Engagement is fundamental to creating a killer blog. Take any example. Copyblogger. Social Media Examiner. HuffingtonPost.

They all know how to engage their visitors. They know how to hook them in.

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Don’t worry about the length – rather, worry about making it interactive

Writing short posts is okay. And they do well in search results, too. Take Seth Godin’s blog, for example. He hardly writes lengthy, detailed posts.

Some topics, however, demand detailing. They need a thorough analysis and at times scientific backing, too.

Don’t get confused. Just put yourself in your reader’s shoes after writing a post and ask yourself whether it’s worthy enough to be shared with your friends.

You’ll have your answer.

Be an opportunist

Your readers are always interested in what’s new. They’re interested in a controversy, a debate. They want you to wow them almost every time.

So don’t hesitate to raise your voice against the so-called proven strategies and to put forth your opinion on the trending issues.

So what’s your opinion? How do you make sure your blog earns attention? Let us know in the comments. 

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