Pay Per Performance: A cost effective SEO methodology!

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Search Engine Optimization, the most advanced and effective internet marketing strategy can be categorized into Organic and Inorganic SEO based on the techniques they follow. Organic SEO is the natural way of gaining visibility on the web following methods like analyzing keywords, content optimization, site promotion, etc. Inorganic SEO would be opting for paid services like banner ads, classifieds, etc. which is an extremely expensive way for immediate results.

Organic SEO being more preferable and cost-effective SEO Services can be further divided into White-hat and Black-hat SEO services. Both of these SEO techniques have gained popularity over the years and marketers have been following them rigorously for high search-engine visibility and enhanced business growth. Black-hat SEO follows unethical ways like keyword stuffing, invisible text, doorway pages, etc., and is losing popularity because it leads to some vital and incorrigible harm to the website’s ranks and popularity. So, as it turns out White-hat SEO is the only ethical SEO that most of the top SEO service providers like use.

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To make White-hat SEO more customer-friendly and cost-effective, came up with an innovative idea of a Pay for Performance SEO plan. As the name suggests, Pay for Performance SEO is a unique, inventive business paradigm that performs on a simple tenet wherein you pay only when your desired keyword ranks higher on major search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. This performance-based model ensures the delivery of results without risk and a high ROI. One pays only for the performance shown over a period and hence Pay for Performance proves to be the most budget-effective business proposition as well.

ResultFirst’ Pay for Performance SEO model has revolutionized the way SEO is executed. It not only ensures optimum results, but also offers the customer a low-cost effective method of increasing site visibility, generating business, and promoting growth. With PFP SEO, customers can easily focus on its vital core business and be assured of page ranks and business inflow.

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