Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy for Better Brand Promotion

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Social Media Marketing Strategy for Better Brand Promotion

Social Media Marketing comes under the umbrella of Digital Marketing that has completely changed the face of traditional marketing. Social media marketing has influenced lives of countless people, whether they are consumers or producers. Promoting business on social media platforms is a great way to mark your online presence. With the aid of social media, you can target and engage audiences for generating leads.

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Social Media Branding offers an excellent way to spread your brand awareness to get maximum exposure. Thus, if got a business, then going on social media for promotion would be a better idea, but at the same time, you should have a strategy that benefits your business in all the way you want.

Here mentioning some crucial stats that will clear all your doubts regarding brand promotion on Social Media.

  • As per TNW News, 61 percent of startups consider and use social media for effective marketing.
  • According to Link Humans, social media advertising revenue is likely to reach $9.8 billion in 2016.
  • For customer retention purposes, after emails, social media is the second most effective digital marketing tactic. (TNW News)
  • A famous site CMOCouncil revealed in its whitepaper; 46 percent of marketers consider photography is crucial to their marketing strategies.
  • For the year 2016, Instagram tops the list with 72 percent when it comes to investing in advertising followed by Facebook with 61 percent, Pinterest with 41 percent, Snapchat with 36 percent, and Amazon with 34 percent. (Media Post)

It is all about competition and to get ahead of it; you have to draw some plans or strategies to create an impact on the social market.

Read this blog to know the ways to can create a winning brand promotion strategy that will positively influence your business.

Identify the Market to Target

Concerning users, social media greatly vary as there are various categories of online users that have different interests. In the course of creating a social media branding strategy, identifying the market is the very first step that requires online research to understand the market very well. It is related with the crucial factors like what, how, when, and where.

Right now, you must be thinking about the initial approach to take. Don’t worry; you can start with finding answers to these questions:

  • What kind of needs your product can fulfill? – Identify the likes and needs of your customers.
  • How can they be reached easily? – Try to collect survey data to determine the potential markets.
  • Where are potential buyers exactly located?
  • When do they come to social media? – Identify the time they use social media.

Performing this activity will give you a hint so that you could know when and how online audiences that you look for are using social media. By doing so, you will get an idea to target them and to build your strategies accordingly.

Create Actionable Content

Days of lengthy, traditional, and boring content are gone. It is a fast-paced world, and the information that online audiences are searching should be concise, and well-researched that can compel them to take action. For achieving your desired goals, you have to be conscious about every single word that you are planning to write and deliver. Actionable content is something that coerces buyers to take action.

Well, now you must be thinking about how to create a content that triggers action.

Identify the taste of people – You can check the ongoing content pieces that people are liking and sharing the most. Additionally, you can draft a list of your competitors and use BuzzSumo to analyze the type of content they deliver.

Get in touch with Influencers – Some people have tremendous influence over the market, especially on your audience. Try to build relationships with these influencers to expand your readership.

Make it Interactive – Add images and graphics to make your content interactive. Providing a Call-To-Action button with well-researched and appealing content will compel users to take action.

Don’t Rely on Single Platform

Every social platform has different audiences, so it is advised not to stick up to or rely on a single platform. For obtaining outstanding results, it is recommended to try different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many others. Several online extensions are available that you can integrate into your browser to make your marketing campaign more effective, one such is the Buffer app.

Moreover, it is found that more than 1.5 billion monthly users are on Facebook, Twitter has 316 million monthly users, and LinkedIn has 100 million active monthly users.

Thus, relying on a single platform is not a good idea, especially after knowing these stats.

Make Your Brand Easy Identifiable

Always use a unique color combination, fonts, graphics, and logo that complement your business theme. By doing so, you make your brand easy to notice and unique in the market. In today’s competitive and dynamic business environment, it is important to get a distinction. Make your brand easy recognizable as there are some groups of active online users who have profiles on almost all social media platforms. Thus, while branding on social media, make sure that audiences could connect with you quickly and easily.

Come Up with Unique & Fresh Ideas

Competition is too high, and you can sense it with the moment you think about an idea and the next moment you find that someone is already implementing it. Thus, those who come up with unique ideas can only survive in the race of competition. Don’t forget that you are not alone in the market, so rather wasting your time you should start implementing the things before anyone else does.

Make Them Feel Special for Better Engagement

Once users start following your posts, you have to work harder for making trust even stronger. Entertaining the queries of your followers through your comments is a great way to start. You have to make them feel special that you are there to help them out, but the fact is, it is you who need their engagement for your business, and you have to admit it.

Deliver a Great Mix of Information

Never stick up with the old-style posting on social media which usually involves a pic with a caption. You should try to deliver your thoughts with a mix of videos, infographics, and links to some well-trusted sites that convey the latest information.

Take a look at some interesting stats:

While executing your social media strategy for brands, do not forget to add fun elements like a quote regarding the problem your audiences face. Doing so will help you to sustain their interest and zeal. Give them an opportunity to engage in conversation with you.

Timely Monitor Results

Numerous companies use Google Analytics to measure the outcomes of their Social Media Marketing for Brands. Google Analytics is a fantastic tool that you can use to monitor your results on a timely basis.

Moreover, social media networks provide their native analytics to measure social media marketing results. Monitoring results after a particular course of time is an excellent practice to notice which piece of content is making the impact and up to what extent. You will get the chance to review and alter your strategies to get the desired outcomes.

Be On-Track

Nowadays, companies are using social media for marketing because they have realized its power. Online audiences love to stay updated and to remain in the competition; you also have to be on track. Thus, it is advised to stay in touch with ongoing market trends and developments to keep your followers up-to-date. If you do so, then it is pretty obvious that you will make huge followers for your business.

Continuous Improvement Leads To Success

You have to admit the fact that Success is not a game of overnight. Constant focus and hard work can take your business to newer heights. It is very obvious that some of your plans might get failed, but what you need to do is to learn from those mistakes by reassessing your strategies and then reworking on the same. Further, by proper social media brand management, you can achieve for your business what you ever wanted to.


The points mentioned above throw light on the steps towards creating a powerful social media marketing plan that can give assured benefit to your business. I hope these points will prove beneficial for you as well when you outline strategies for your own business.

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