Why Marketers See Animated Corporate Video Essential For Business Success

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Video content and corporate animated videos are one of the best tools in the arsenal of a digital marketer in the 21st century. This statement is supported through both qualitative and quantitative analysis of video marketing and its results for business across the globe.

According to Hubspot’s state of video marketing report, 81% of businesses use video content as a marketing tool. This trend has risen as a result of 72% of customers wanting to learn more about products and services through videos, according to that report.

So is video marketing worth the investment? I’d say for businesses it definitely is. Animated corporate videos promise a positive ROI, boosts conversions, are mobile-friendly, and drive more engagement for consumers in terms of viewership and social shares.

It’s easier to explain things using videos, and honestly, it helps bring out your brand persona in a much more clear and appealing way, which is sometimes not possible using textual content.

Ask yourself this, have you ever been unsure of a friend’s tone when you receive a text from them? Do you ask yourself, are they angry, or are did they just type it in a hurry?” That’s the kind of confusion corporate animated videos eliminate, making your message and tone crystal clear and is easier to consume.

Now, let’s take a look at 5 exclusive benefits that make corporate animated videos a business essential for marketers.

1. Corporate Animated Videos Boosts Conversions and Sales

For businesses, marketing strategies are designed to boost conversions and sales.

According, to stats of Invisia, product videos can increase conversions from a landing page by 80% for businesses.

I think the reason behind such a significant increase in conversions and sales as a result of animated corporate videos is that they are more engaging.

They offer more value to consumers while reducing the time investment on the viewer’s end since it takes more time to read through textual data than watching a video.

2. Corporate Videos Offer A Positive ROI

Animated corporate videos are a long-term investment in your business. Not only do 52% of marketers think that videos are the best content medium for ROI if you’re a B2B business, then corporate animated videos can impact your business’ ROI by 73%

Now obviously, not all videos are made equal, and there’s a particular standard that needs to be followed in order to achieve such a high ROI.

It’s important for your video to have a clear message, an impactful script, there needs to be a compelling CTA coupled with a relatable story. All of this depends on how well you understand your target audience. But once you do get it right, you’ll experience significant digital growth.

If you explain your product/service and the value it brings to the life of your consumers, then your video is most likely going to make an impact.

You should focus on quality production and design, but even without top-notch animation, your animated video can still get the job done, as long as the story you portray can penetrate the viewer’s heart.

3. Animated Videos Are Great For Trust

Trust is the bedrock upon which a business grows. How much your target market trusts your product or service decides how well your business performs.

Corporate videos are great because they are visual, and what you see is much more reliable than what you read. It makes businesses come across as more human, and much more trustworthy, because animated corporate videos can be used to exhibit your products in a way that text cannot.

Understand this: viewers retain 95% of the information that they receive through a video, as compared to only 10% of it when they read a text. And what you can remember, you can act upon.

And this is where social media comes in. According to research, 64% of consumers make purchases after watching a branded video on social platforms.

Social platforms are where most brands can engage with their customers, and 2D animated videos are a powerhouse that leads that engagement.

Although it is crucial to understand that your video needs to be entertaining to build that relationship. Why? Because social media is an entertainment platform.

2D animation works on social media because it’s an entertaining medium, so don’t forget to add a little humour, be a lot more playful, and add entertainment value to the video to ensure that the user is compelled to watch it in the first place.

4. Videos are Mobile-Friendly

Videos and mobile devices have shown great synergy in the marketing world. According to eMarketer, 75% of all videos are seen using mobile devices.

As smartphones become more popular and businesses start targeting millennials, even more, marketers will have to evolve to provide users with the content they like.

And that’s the idea, brands today have to utilize mediums that best fit their target audience. Corporate animated videos are the perfect tool for businesses to put themselves out there in an accessible way.

Videos make your brands more believable, more interactive, and more personal and helps you perform better with improved brand visibility and consumer engagement.

5. Animated Corporate Videos are More Likely To Be Shared

Here’s marketing 101, regardless of your approach to digital marketing, you know that the best way to grow is to be shareable. Social media users don’t go around searching names of businesses on Facebook and scroll their profiles.

The best bet that digital marketers can make is that the few that do come across your brand’s content end up sharing it. The more it’s shared, the more people watch it, the higher the chances of a sale.

Here’s where videos are the real hero. Since they are interactive, engaging, and potentially humorous, they are much more shareable. People like sharing things with their friends on social media and videos are one of those things.

It’s the same concept as books vs movies – Sure, books provide great value to their readers, but even today, the movie adaptation of books make more money than the book itself.  It’s because the entertainment value is bigger, and people like watching content, as opposed to reading it.

Your corporate animated video can replace 7 social media posts that you would otherwise make to explain your new product. Out of those 7 posts, some consumers might miss a few and never receive the full information.

On the other hand, videos help you pack that content into one social post that’s more informative, more engaging, and more shareable. This is why marketers are shifting to corporate animated videos as their go-to marketing strategy in the digital world.

What Is Stopping You From Getting An Animated Corporated Video Produced?

For businesses, this is the high time to evolve their marketing strategy and move towards video marketing.

Although, it’s not a small investment, investing in an animated corporate video can help your business improve your ROI, conversion rate and sales, makes your business more engaging to your target audience, and bring you higher market visibility.

If you ask me, if you haven’t already done it, better late than never to get your animated corporate video produced.

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