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5 Secrets To Get More Customer Feedback for Your Local Business

Customer feedback is one of the key elements of any business’s success, whether online or offline.

According to a report, customers who give businesses a high customer experience rating (i.e., a score of 10/10) spend 140% more and stick with the brand for up to 6 years.

Feedback is potent as it provides your leadership team with understandings that map a future for all aspects of a firm, from product to UX to customer service. Regarding consumer pleasure, looking for affordable but quality local SEO services is crucial for their feedback.

To be precise, local SEO enhances customer feedback by increasing your visibility among local customers, making it easier for them to find and review your business.

Explore these 5 effective techniques for obtaining customer feedback that will inspire you!

 1: Email Addresses & Customer Contact Forms

Email is a straightforward way to receive honest customer feedback, and there are effective strategies to increase response rates.

Let your clients answer your survey, as they’re more likely to respond to a survey if you send it immediately after they complete a transaction. Also,  interact with them frequently to maintain the relationship.

Remember that customers respond to emails if businesses exchange a lot of information with them.

2: Customer Survey

Surveys of consumers reveal whether they are satisfied. It also reveals the level of client satisfaction with your offerings regarding goods, services, and technical prowess.

Customer Survey

The three most common customer surveys used to gauge user satisfaction are as follows:

  • CSAT: Using a customer satisfaction score (CSAT) survey, you can determine how happy your consumers are with your goods, services, or overall experience.

customer satisfaction score

  • NPS: Surveys known as NPS (or Net Promoter Score) are used to quantify customer loyalty by determining how likely customers are to suggest your goods or services.

NPS (or Net Promoter Score)

  • CES: Customer effort score (CES) surveys show how simple or complex your product or service’s features are to use and interact with.

Customer effort score

3: Personalizing Your Requests

Low-tech approaches can occasionally be more effective in gathering customer feedback.

So, personalized queries are more likely to receive a response than general ones. Make sure to address the customer by name and reference their experience when you ask for comments. As an example, refer to the image below:

4: Offer Incentives

A proven strategy to boost reviews is to offer incentives for customer feedback. But be careful and avoid offering bribes, as this may violate the terms of the review platform and result in your company being fined.

Among the acceptable rewards are:

  • Rebates for upcoming purchases
  • Chances of winning an award
  • Obtaining new goods or services before everyone else
  • Free delivery on your next purchase voucher for your company

Always be sure to make your rewards obvious and visible when you provide them. Use the following as an example:

Example 1: Leave a review and get 10% off your next purchase!”

Example 2: Enter to win a $100 gift card by leaving a review.”

5: Reply to all feedback, Positive or Negative

You read your reviews online as a business, right? Great.  It lets you stay informed about what customers are saying about your service. Try to reply to some of the reviews, both favorably and unfavorably.

But be aware of potential audiences who may read your response to a customer’s feedback. So, keep your comment brief and polite, even if you disagree with the reviewer. Avoid being pushy by making offers of incentives or advertisements.

Here’s an example:

Reply to all feedback, Positive or Negative

To Conclude

Gaining client feedback for your business is a purposeful journey, not just a duty. To get positive and impressive feedback, deliver unique experiences and quality services, streamline procedures, and show your clients that you actually care about them.

For example, if you commit to increasing their organic web traffic with SEO services, work hard and achieve the goal of ranking the website on top of the local searches. Remember, creating a community around your brand is more important than just getting reviews.

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