What is Pay-for-Performance SEO?

Exactly what it sounds to be!

Pay-for-performance SEO, known as performance based SEO, is a payment model where you only pay for SEO services once you get the desired results. The Pay-on-results SEO model is based on improving rankings, web traffic and revenue. SEO is not a gamble, it’s a technique. Performance Based SEO is exploiting this technique for the best interest of a brand. Most traditional SEO plans do not guarantee assured ROI.
Pay-for-Performance SEO, on the other hand, is a unique SEO services model that lets you see the results before you pay.

A pay-for-performance SEO model is for companies that recognize the returns received from achieving these vital rankings in organic search results. The model is ideal for companies that are interested to invest in SEO activities to achieve the specific targets and results.

No Results = No Payment

Performance Based SEO services are based on the phenomenon that only when we achieve the desired rankings for your top keywords will you pay for the results attained. It starts with a minor set up fee for the processing and continues based on the results.

Clarity over “SEO Takes Time”

Organizations often hide faces under the excuse; “SEO takes time” to keep charging clients without any results. Pay-for-performance SEO companies can’t make any use of this argument. You only pay with the results in hand, that’s why it’s called Result based SEO or pay on results SEO.

No contractual pay-outs

There’s no fixed monthly fee that we charge. We have a fixed number of keywords that we work on. We charge you based on the rankings we achieve for those keywords.

Proven Results

Since there’s no other way for us to succeed, we have to give you results. That’s why we call it Result Based SEO Services.

Free cancellation

You can cancel our services anytime you want. Since, there are no contractual payouts, you choose to opt out any time.

24*7 support

A rare thing when it comes to SEO agencies. We assign a dedicated Account Manager who is available 24x7 for your queries and concerns.

Is Pay-for-performance SEO Model Successful?

While most SEO new-comers believe that there is nothing like Pay-on-results SEO or it is too good to be true, the fact is result driven SEO Services are working.
Pay-for-Performance SEO is a unique model that performs on a simple tenet where pay only when the desired keyword ranks higher on major search engines and this model ensures delivers of results without risk and a high ROI. Pay-for-performance Search Engine Optimization is data-driven. So, what does a good Pay-for-Performance SEO Company possess to be able to pull off this difficult task?


Since performance driven SEO is completely based on data, it is imperative that you have a lot of data to recognize patterns and signals on how Google ranks web pages.

We, being in the business for years, have enough data to make informed decisions on what to do to send positive signals to the search engine so as to rank your web page.
We do not have a blue print of Google’s algorithms, but we have enough data and experience to recognize the changes and fluctuations in the patterns that drive rankings.

Traditional SEO vs. Pay-for-Performance SEO

The primary difference between traditional SEO and Pay-per-results SEO is the payment model. Though the entire approach towards SEO is different in both the models, it is primarily the fact that you pay only for the results we achieve is what makes Pay-for-performance services more popular.

While traditional SEO works on the basis of a monthly fee irrespective of the rankings and results, Pay-for-Performance SEO Pricing is different. You pay only when you see the results. There’s no monthly fee.

Traditional SEO is a not a sane choice if you are on a shoestring budget. When you are unsure of your revenues, it is not wise to spend huge amounts on SEO unless you are sure of the results. Pay-on-results SEO costs lesser as compared to Traditional SEO because you pay only for the rankings achieved. While you are already tight on budget, it is better that you spend every penny with careful inspection and that is possible when you invest in Pay-for-Performance SEO Services. On the other hand, if you have a good budget for SEO, you can spend on monthly SEO services to target a broader set of keywords.

Pay-for-performance SEO Ranking method is different from Traditional SEO. While in traditional SEO, you target a broad set of keywords and keyword combinations to achieve rankings, PFP SEO works on a small set of individual keywords with high search volume. Performance-based SEO targets only those golden keywords for your business those are real sales drivers.

Role of Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail searches, account for roughly 70% of all searches online. About 49% of users are likely to change search query if they don't find relevant material on the first page of results. Thus, it's important to optimize your website to match not only generic search queries, but also long-tail queries. It’s simple, just ensure that users find the relevant stuff on your website.

Result based SEO is a rather aggressive approach. We work on targeted keywords to achieve rankings on the first page of google and pay attention to each keyword on an individual basis. While in traditional SEO, we plan on improving the overall SEO score of your website for a broad set of keywords.

Is Performance Driven SEO right for you?

Getting ranked on the first page of google ensures heavy traffic. If you have a keyword with a high search volume that has the potential of bringing you huge sales, PFP SEO is your best bet. Ranking on the first page ensures that a large number of people land on your website, thereby increasing the chances of conversion. This works only if you have those competitive keywords that drive sales.

Pay for performance is also a great option if you are considering Pay per click. With only 20% of people clicking on the paid results, PPC is an expensive alternative. 80% of the users prefer to click on the organic search results. Getting exposure to this 80% in a short time-frame is only possible with Pay-for-performance SEO.

However, if your business is missing those sales driving keywords, it is better to opt for monthly SEO services to improve your overall SEO score. By targeting on competitive keywords, you are probably missing out on the long tail keywords. If your website is absolutely relevant to the competitive keywords, the traffic coming from first page rankings have higher chances to convert. However, if your potential buyers are more complex coming from a variety of keywords, it is best to go for Traditional SEO.

How does Pay for Performance (PFP) SEO work?

In a PFP SEO plan, we device a strategy covering your top four to five keywords that have the potential to drive maximum sales. We then do a thorough competitor analysis to figure what would work best in your case. Our SEO experts conduct a technical audit of your site to make it compatible with search engines. Once the on-page changes have been made, we work on off-page activities to drive organic traffic to your site while also giving signals to the search engine that your web-page is worth a first page ranking. A combination of on-page and off-page activities ensures that your page ranks for relevant top performing keywords with a high search volume.

A place in the first page of google means a huge amount of traffic. This traffic can in turn mean a huge surge in revenue considering that your conversion rate will be high if your web page is relevant.

Once we have achieved the ranks, we charge you based on the ranks.

Here’s What Our Clients Speak about Our Services

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ResultFirst4.9/5 based on 43 ratings and reviews

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How does Pay-for-Performance SEO Pricing work?

Pay-for-Performance SEO Pricing works on the basis of rankings. You pay only if we rank you on the first three search pages of Google. We determine a price depending on the business case and keyword difficulty for each ranking bracket. Each improved ranking costs you a certain amount. That amount is pre-decided. No change in the rankings means no charge.

Here’s a scenario
for example:
Rank BracketsCost per keyword (not real pricing*)

*The pricing mentioned above, is obviously not real pricing, but it is only for the demo purpose.

Suppose we finalize five keywords for the plan. We improve the ranks of one of the keywords from 10 to 1. So, based on the above pricing table, we will charge you $C.

  • 2Now, suppose that we rank your keyword from 12 to 10, you pay only $A.
  • 3Suppose we rank your keyword from 10 to 7, you still pay $A.
  • 4If we rank 2 keywords from 11 to 6, you pay 2 X $D.

This way, each improved rank within every bracket has a price fixed for the improvement. Pay-for-Performance SEO Pricing is a fair game. You don’t spend a penny if we don’t improve your ranks. All that you have to pay is the initial set up fee to cover the cost that we incur which is determined based on the industry, man hours, keyword difficulty, current SEO score, and several others. It also covers the on-page changes that we make on your site to make it search engine compatible.


Our entire SEO model is based on rankings. You pay only if we get you rankings.

Good ranking ensures good traffic. Our Pay-for-Performance SEO guarantees traffic.

We know the psychology that drives users to convert. We implement necessary changes on your web page to make sure that your visitors convert.


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