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What Is Pay for Performance SEO?

Pay-for-performance SEO is a payment model where clients pay after getting SEO results. Unlike traditional SEO, which charges a fixed fee regardless of the outcome, performance-based SEO doesn’t accept service costs (but a minimal initial set-up fee) until you get specific results, typically 1st-page rankings for certain keywords, etc.

But wait! Is Pay for Performance SEO Successful?

Yes, Pay for Performance SEO is successful. After all, it has shown remarkable success in delivering positive outcomes. While many newcomers in the SEO industry may not believe it or consider PFP SEO too good to be true, the results speak of its success.

Performance-based SEO or pay-on-results SEO bills clients only when their desired keywords rank higher on search engines. This model guarantees results without risk and yields a high Return On Investment (ROI). And it’s possible due to the data-driven approach of PFP SEO.

Myths about Pay for Performance SEO

The most common grievance heard against PFP SEO is the use of shady tactics to manipulate rankings or to bill the client. Sadly, some companies might use black-hat tricks with rankings and charge clients monthly! But the real culprit isn't the pricing model. It’s just a few bad apples ruining the basket.

No doubt, improving search engine rankings is an important SEO aspect. But, Pay for Performance SEO encompasses a broader range of benefits. Beyond rankings and organic traffic, it focuses on increasing conversions and ultimately driving tangible business results. By targeting relevant keywords, optimizing on-page elements, improving the user experience, and implementing effective content strategies, performance-based SEO aims to deliver holistic improvements to your online presence and bottom line.

The myth that "Ranking with pay-for-performance SEO won't last for long" is unfounded. Pay for performance SEO, where payment is tied to achieving specific results, is a legitimate strategy that has proven effective. Search engines aim to provide the best user experience, and quality content backed by proper optimization will always be valued. While algorithms may evolve, the fundamental principles of SEO remain constant. As long as businesses focus on delivering valuable content and adapt to algorithmic changes, pay-for-performance SEO will continue to be a viable and sustainable approach for improving search engine rankings.

The myth that "links are built abusively, and PBNs in pay for performance SEO" is false. Abusive link-building tactics, such as buying links or using private blog networks (PBNs), are unethical and can result in penalties from search engines. Pay-for-performance SEO focuses on providing high-quality content, optimizing website structure, and earning organic links through legitimate means. PFP SEO experts apply genuine effort, user engagement, and adherence to search engine guidelines rather than relying on shortcuts like abusive link building and PBNs.

Benefits of Pay for performance SEO

How do we do things differently?

Difference Between "Pay For Performance SEO"
and "Traditional SEO"

The difference lies in the mode of payment and targets. You pay only for high rankings and performing keywords. PFP SEO is more about relevant and focused SEO services. A long-term SEO campaign is valuable but not a quick fix like PFP SEO. It also demands a hefty budget to be spared for. Traditional SEO takes time and gestation period or minimum pay-off time may vary from 4 to 12 months.

Traditional SEO

  • $1,000
  • $1,000
  • $1,000
  • $1,000
  • $1,000
  • $1,000
  • $6,000

Timeline / No. of Keywords

  • Month 1 ----0
  • Month 2 ----0
  • Month 3 ----0
  • Month 4 ----3
  • Month 5 ----5
  • Month 6 ----10
  • Total

*Pay per keyword: $150

*Pay per keyword: $150

  • $0
  • $0
  • $0
  • $450
  • $750
  • $1,500
  • $2,700

Traditional SEO is not a wise choice if a client is short on budget. When revenues are not confident or sure, it is not a wise idea to invest hefty amounts on SEO unless guaranteed for results. PFP SEO costs less in comparison to Traditional SEO because you only pay for the rankings achieved. When on a shoestring budget, it is better to spend each penny wisely and scrutiny, and with PFP SEO, it is possible. On the other hand, if your budget allows for regular SEO, you can freely spend on monthly SEO services and target a broader set of keywords.

PFP SEO Ranking method varies when compared to traditional SEO. While traditional SEO targets a broad set of keywords and a combination of keywords to get rankings, PFP SEO focuses on small sets for higher search volume. It targets only a few golden keywords that can drive real sales for your business.

Role of Long-Tail Keywords

70% of online searches account for Long-tail searches. Nearly 49% of users prefer to change the search query if the relevant material isn’t found on the first page of Google. It thus becomes essential to optimize a website to match the generic search queries, along with the long-tail queries. Just simply ensure that users find the right and related stuff on your website.

Result based SEO is an aggressive approach. Your service provider aims to work on targeted keywords to achieve top rankings on Google’s first page. Due attention is paid to each keyword on an individual basis to yield results. In traditional SEO, the plan is to improve the overall SEO score of your website for a broad set of keywords.

SEO takes time but not their endless reports.

To keep charging clients without any results, organizations often hide behind excuses such as; "SEO takes time". Pay-for-performance SEO model allows no space for any such argument. You only pay with the results in hand, that's why it's called Result based SEO or pay on results SEO.

Is Performance Based SEO Right For You?

Ranking on the first page of Google generates heavy traffic. With a high search volume keyword, you have huge sales potential. PFP SEO is best for you. With high ranking and massive traffic, conversion rate stands high. This works only in the condition if you have competitive keywords that can drive sales. Pay for performance SEO is best suited for businesses that:

  • Are hungry for growth and want to achieve measurable results through their SEO efforts.
  • Consider SEO as an essential part of their marketing mix and want to invest in it wisely.
  • Have competitive keywords that can drive sales and generate high search volume.
  • Want a flexible payment structure that allows them to adjust their strategy as necessary.
  • Prefer a short-term strategy to reach a wider audience and improve their search engine rankings.
  • Are interested in reaching the 80% of users who click on organic search results rather than the 20% who click on paid results.

Important SEO Questions

Pay-on-Result SEO is a unique approach to increasing organic traffic, improving rankings, and boosting sales. This SEO model allows you to pay only when you get the expected results.

When you hire performance-based SEO services, you should look for :
  • Expertise and experience
  • Transparency and communication
  • Customized Strategies
  • Clear Pricing
  • Referral and Reviews
  • White hat SEO techniques
  • Ability to deliver results
  • The main difference between pay-for-result and traditional SEO is the payment mode. Traditional SEO comes with a monthly payment option, whereas Pay Per Result SEO requires clients to pay the SEO service company after achieving the desired rankings. Moreover, pay-for-result SEO is more about relevant and focused SEO services. Traditional SEO is effective but takes time in giving quick results when compared with PRP SEO. No monthly fee is involved in PRP SEO.

    The Performance Based SEO model works on the principle of charging clients only after providing the desired rankings. Working on client-oriented interests, it allows clients to initially pay a minor setup fee. This SEO model works to improve web rankings, boost web traffic and increase revenue.

    How much costs you will need to bear for pay-on-result SEO depends on the business case and keyword difficulty for each ranking. Calculating the exact costs is slightly difficult. However, each improved ranking costs a pre-decided amount. No changes in the rankings means no charge except the minor setup fee.

    Pay-For-Performance SEO Company is committed to setting out a strategy that covers the top 4-5 keywords that have the ability to extract maximum sales. To craft effective plans, experts conduct competitive analysis and evaluate the market competition. They carry out a technical audit of your website to ensure compatibility with search engines. Also, they monitor off-page and on-page activities to generate organic traffic. Then they measure the generated traffic for performance and results. The most important components included by a Pay-For-Performance SEO Company in its Pay-For-Performance SEO model are Industry Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Complete Website Audit, Keyword research, Complete On-Page Suggestion, Backlinks Acquisition.

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