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2016 SEO Challenges & Tips to Guide Your Marketing Strategies

Over the past few years, the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed considerably. While 2015 saw content emerging from the shadow of SEO, it is assumed to play a more significant role in the virtual world in the coming year. Also, the strategies for calculating rankings on search engine result pages have witnessed some changes.

Many digital marketing agencies are still using the same old SEO strategies as they did last year or the year before that. And if they continue to do so in the coming year, they may face its consequences.

If you are also following the same strategy, then it is time to re-evaluate your approach.

In this post we are going to discuss three major SEO challenges that digital marketing companies may have to overcome in 2016

Short Attention Span

These days’ internet users have a very brief consideration span. You can notice this through the extent of time of music videos and other content that’s posted online. What once used to be a five-minute audio-visual, has been trimmed down to just three minutes. Many viewers don’t even leverage the three minutes time-span and stop viewing a video after say about thirty seconds. The primary reason behind the lack of caring and apprehension is the lack of time. With restlessness creeping in today’s time, and everyone trying to do multiple things in less time, it has become tough for an individual to stay connected and pay attention at the same time.

Ways to overcome this challenge:

*Use attractive and eye-catching images or visuals to explain things quickly.

*Keep the website content concise and appealing, as it helps in maintaining people’s interest.

Regularly Changing Rankings

Google has figured out that most of the content posted online or on websites were stuffed with business related keywords. The focus is not on forming content that can add value to the website, but the content is written as a way to increase traffic gradually. Also, the link-building procedure that’s followed by majority firms will be tested by Google in real-time. Therefore, the rankings changes should happen in almost real time.

You can overcome the situation by:

*Writing relevant content and not stuffing keywords.

*Improve your link-building strategy.

*Impart necessary knowledge and train your workforce about the update.

Mobile-friendly Website

The use of smartphones for Internet access has risen sharply over the years, and mobile search has eclipsed desktop search for the first time this year. Google is marking mobile friendly pages and websites higher as compared to ones that don’t comply with the norms. Thus, besides creating appropriate content for your website and using attractive visuals, you also need to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly in nature.

How you can approach:

*Update your site to bring it in conformance with smartphone users.

*Include content that sends the message across in a jiffy.

*Avoid using large images and animations to keep your site light.

Final Words

Time has changed and so have the SEO techniques and strategies that were being used in the digital world. As, getting the desired rankings on search engines and traffic to your website is turning out to be tougher day by day; we have tried to highlight a few points that you can easily incorporate and update your SEO strategy. If you have some challenges to share, we would love to hear them; tell us through your comments.

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