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What are The E-Commerce SEO Trends and Insights for 2023?

Technology is speeding up, and so is the world of e-commerce. The surge in online shopping over the past few years has brought about a swiftly evolving environment for businesses and consumers.

This shift has wide-ranging consequences, affecting people’s shopping habits and business strategies to promote their products and services. One field that has experienced substantial expansion is e-commerce SEO, which involves precisely optimizing a website or online store to improve its visibility in search engine results.

As an SEO service company, you have to adapt to the 2023 e-commerce SEO trends that will improve marketing and streamline rankings.

Read this article to learn about these trends and how they change the market.

E-Commerce SEO Trends and Insights for 2023

1. Changing Search Behavior: The Computer-based Intelligence Revolution

As a result of artificial intelligence technologies, a transformative wave has emerged in SEO.

  • Computer-powered chatbots have revolutionized customer interactions.
  • Voice search guided by computer-based intelligence has further refined search behaviors.

According to Comtia, 51% of e-commerce enterprises use artificial intelligence to enhance customer experiences.

The core of this trend is the popularity of natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, which empower artificial intelligence to determine voice orders and outfit responses.

The increase in voice searches using artificial intelligence highlights the importance of streamlining content for long-tail keywords and featured snippets.

Making content in an engaging, conversational style tailored to address user inquiries directly has emerged as a prominent driver of elevated search engine rankings.

2. Product Algorithm Update

The Product Algorithm Update was introduced to allow consumers to get reliable information and make informed decisions about the products they buy.

Marketers associated with retail and e-commerce must work to transform how consumers shop in 2023. If you sell products online, show your expertise by providing clients with trustworthy content and advice.

Here is an example of the best content:

Product Algorithm Update

Image: Lush Cosmetics North America YouTube channel

3. Helpful Content Update

The Helpful Content Update was introduced in 2022 to ensure users access the most informative search results and to address and mitigate content that didn’t meet end-user needs.

With advanced technology, the requirements for content creation standards have increased. Google prioritizes content that is human-made and good for human readers.

In 2023, automated content-writing tools are no longer effective. SEO experts must prioritize content for human readers, not robots or spiders. They must focus on quality content creation, which demands thoughtful precision to succeed in today’s complex search engine algorithms.

Helpful Content Update

Image SEJ

4. Google Multisearch

In April 2022, Google Multisearch released groundbreaking techniques, allowing people to search with images and text simultaneously.

It utilizes the Google Lens tool to help individuals search for objects they observe, and it also incorporates a text query for more precise and valuable search outcomes.

Google Multisearch

Screenshot CNET

  • Google Lens allows users to perform quick and precise searches using either images or text, granting immediate access to relevant results.
  • It demonstrates a seamless integration of text and visuals within the search process.

In 2023, you can expect further advancements from Google AI to improve how businesses deliver precise information to their clients.

SEO companies should proactively optimize their content by considering mobile image-to-text ratios to prepare for these developments.

5. The Vitality of Local SEO

For e-commerce entities encompassing physical establishments, the resonance of local SEO has intensified.

Local SEO emerges as a strategic tool for outfoxing regional rivals in a market where 78% of mobile-initiated local searches result in offline purchases.

Starbucks is a compelling example of how local SEO can improve permeability on websites, online stores, and mobile applications.

The strategic implementation of structured information and rich snippets fortifies the permeability of pertinent business information inside search results.

Read the Complete Local SEO Guide For 2023.

6. Video SEO: Engaging the Visual Realm

The importance of visual engagement is highlighted by Cisco’s prediction that video content will account for 82% of all internet traffic.

So, the necessity of incorporating videos into SEO strategies becomes palpable at a time when video content is dominating the internet.

In 2023, integrate videos into websites, organize video content for social media platforms, and upgrade videos for search engines.

SEO services agencies can grow their audience while improving their search result rankings by sprinkling websites with embedded videos and creating intentional video content for social media dissemination.


SEO fundamentals remain the same, but trends point to a sophisticated, adaptable, and advanced digital marketing approach. E-commerce enterprises have a great opportunity in 2023 to align with these trends.

Stay informed and ahead with ResultFirst, and embrace the future of e-commerce SEO services in 2023 to strengthen your market position and brand awareness in the ever-growing digital universe!

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