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10 ways to Improve Email Marketing in 2017

As increasing number of e-mail marketers are vying for recipient’s attention, the response rates are headed downwards. What are those minor changes which will help you stand out? What can be done to get that consistent flow of response? Here are few takeaways to help you achieve desired results from e-mail marketing campaign:

1. Send emails from a valid account

No one likes receiving an email from noreply@domain.com. It works on your end, too.  Almost 64 percent of receivers open only those emails which come from known and valid sources.

2. Have Message Centric Mailing Lists

Having separate mailing lists for specific message conveyed by them actually helps in sending the right message to the right audience. For example, all the recipient of a discount emailer should be kept together. Such list segmentation has been found to increase the open rates by almost 14 percent.

3. If you get unsubscribe, don’t worry too much

Unsubscribes are a part of any e-mail campaign.  Try to find out the potential cause if the number of unsubscribes is too high.

4. Have a Terse Subject Line

A terse and impactful subject line catches the attention of reader immediately. Use informative and smaller subject lines to increase the chances of being read.

5. Make sure your template is mobile responsive

More and more companies are going for mobile optimized websites. So, focus developing mobile-optimized email content that is engrossing and can be easily read on the smart-phones. The fact that 71% people delete the email immediately which doesn’t open on their smartphones correctly demands content to be well written and portable.

6. If your campaign has low open rate, quickly figure out what’s going wrong

A low open rate can be very damaging to your email campaign and it indicates that spam complaints and unsubscribes are coming. Try altering subject lines to increase open rates.

7. Find best time of day to reach your audience(s)

All the effort is in vain it doesn’t reach on time. If you are running a global email campaign try segregating your email lists on the basis of time-window of various geographical regions.

8. Update and Cleanse Your Mailing Lists Regularly

A clean mailing list produces the desired result. If you want higher engagement rates make it a habit to maintain them regularly.

9. Align the Campaign To Landing Pages

Many marketers make this mistake of not aligning their email campaign to the landing pages. They may end up making the campaign message-less and direction less. It may end up having no effect. Further, don’t forget to make the pages responsive as the market is moving towards smartphone and mobile devices.

10. Quality Content Is Always Welcome

Quality content is informative and engrossing. It can have images and brief description of the message it wants to convey. Longer messages are prone to deletion. Usually, messages with smaller reading time and having precise information are welcome over long and boring ones.

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