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3 Killer Copywriting Tips to Skyrocket Your Traffic

Copywriting strikes many as uphill battle.

However, reality doesn’t agree. In other words, copywriting is not that difficult.

And given your dedicated efforts, it can be one of your best marketing tools (if not the best) – one that helps engage trust and move people from ‘inspire’ to ‘purchase’.

No, its aim is not to fool the buyer – it’s rather to take you closer to them … and make you more transparent and more expressive. So that they can resonate with you, whether or not they buy from you. So that they remember you and are more than likely willing to forge a lasting relationship with you or recommend you to their friends.

Turn scanners into readers

It’s a fact we all know: web readers are scanners.

The challenge lies in converting them from scanners to readers, from readers to customers and from customers to repeat buyers.

But how do you do that?

Write a simple, clear, concise and compelling content. Without any superlatives or self-indulgent crap, mind you.

When it comes to headline, for example, “We take care of all your digital marketing needs” is way better than “We are an award-winning and most sought-after web services consultancy that offers comprehensive, streamlined services to best suit blah blah blah…”

One mistake that even experienced web writers commit here is, they spend all their creative juices on the starting but don’t give much attention to the ending. The problem with this approach: what if the visitor gets impressed by your headline and ends up reading your complete content? Would you be able to convert them with an insincere ending?

Cut adjectives

Adjectives make you look like a sleazy salesman. They exaggerate. They take believability off your copy.

And the fact is, your customers hate to be sold to. They hate even the shadow of a salesman. They hate it when somebody tries to persuade them to spend money.

It is indeed difficult to begin with, as George Orwell eloquently puts it: “[Whoever writes in English] is struggling against vagueness, against obscurity, against the lure of the decorative adjective.”

But once you get over them, you can convey your message in an ever more meaningful manner, for, as Voltaire puts it, “adjectives are frequently the greatest enemy of the substantive.”

Exploit persuasive, hypnotic words

Words, if used cleverly, can, quite literally, prove to be mightier than the sword. Gregory Ciotti lists out 5 most persuasive words in the English language that can help you significantly improve your bottom line:

  • You
  • Free
  • Because
  • Instantly
  • New

Even the word “Imagine”, according to many studies, helps you resonate with the deepest desires of your readers and influence them into buying from you.

Over to you. What’s your favorite copywriting tips? How do you make your readers salivate over your copy? Tell us in the comments. 

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