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7 Best Earth Day Digital Marketing Campaign Ideas Ever

Earth Day Digital Marketing Campaign

Every year, Earth day is celebrated on April 22.

US Senator Gaylord Nelson founded the day. He was deeply moved by the oil spill of 1969 in Santa Barbara, California and to move the world to a healthy, sustainable, environment, he formed a small organization which included a representative from the media as well.

His sustained efforts found many supporters and they came from colleges, universities, electing officials, farmers, tycoons and labor leaders.

By 1990, more than 141 countries and close to 200 million people were observing the day.

In 1992, UN had its first Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. Later on, President Bill Clinton awarded him with Presidential Medal of Freedom (1995)-the highest honor an American can get for his role as the Earth Day Founder.

In the years to come, more and more countries and even more people joined the campaigns. More than a billion people participated in campaigns held in the past few years.

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An Eye Opener for Businesses

Those organizations who have hazardous processes impacting the environment took this day to rethink their ways. It has motivated many of them to display their efforts to the world at large. These efforts have started to bear fruits for them, as well as, with the progress of greener technologies, they were able to alter their strategies.

Earth Day Has Come a Long Way

Since its start, technology has changed tremendously and so has the way to campaign on the day. In fact, marketers around the world began to launch a particular campaign on the day to showcase the greener side of their business and boost the environment-friendly image of their companies.

Here are a few earth day digital marketing ideas to help you garner maximum attention from your customers on your efforts:

1. How about an Interactive Page?

Almost every business has a web presence. Some have a simple website, and some have a dynamic one. Having an interactive web page increases the involvement of the visitors and helps in better branding as well. The aftereffect of having such a page is growing interest in the products and services of the business and a stronger connect.

2. Earth Day Online Games

The generation has gone digital, and they carry their world in their smartphones.  An interactive web page can be made even more exciting with some online games. The points earned in the match can be redeemed as discounts to motivate the customers, and this will help in co-celebration.

3. Mobile App Discount

Promoting green ways of buying on this day can be a real differentiator. A mobile app which offers a discount is a good earth day marketing campaign idea. It will make it easy for any organization to go shopping as well.

4. Guest Blogs

A blog is more than an ordinary piece of writing.  They have a casual style but can deliver the message efficiently. Having few blogs written by eminent persons on earth day makes the business more congenial to the cause. This earth day marketing idea, can’t be overlooked by any digital marketer because content rules the market.

5. Online Discount Coupons

Amongst all earth day digital marketing campaign ideas, offering discount coupons for purchases made online can portray your business as a very responsive one. Besides, you can also ask customers to post their specific requirements (environment-friendly ones) directly on the website itself. Clichéd, but works every time!

6. Leverage Social Media

You can use the various social media platforms as well to display your commitment to the cause. A Facebook page showcasing the celebrations by the people within organization certainly leaves a great impact. You can also start a business group where like-minded people can share their ideas.

  • Online Videos

Having online videos and linking them to the Facebook page is something which will help your business leave a stronger impact.

  • Live Chat

You can even consider having an eminent personality who has championed the cause of environment talking to your customers.  Such involvement is worth treasuring even after the day is over. On earth day, such digital campaign ideas can give your business that green makeover which the day demands.

7. Event Webcasts

Most of the organizations see this day as an opportunity to make their people care more about the planet they inhabit. Events where employees volunteer for universities and schools should be taken seriously. They must go out and tell the world how their business has made the planet a better place for the coming generations.  As a brilliant earth day campaign idea, you must broadcast these events live on the website. You can also invite people, via email, to visit the website and see the live webcast.

Once the visitors see the site, they may end up doing other things as well. So, go ahead and make the best use of these earth day marketing ideas and strengthen your brand as one that cares.

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