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Does Your Website Need a Mobile Makeover?

Creating a website is easy; however, developing a website that is designed for both computer and smart phone users is what requires effort. Although, most business owners are aware of their customers and the ways their prospects use to shop, some are still unaware about the importance of creating a mobile website. This is post, we will focus on the same.


Why I need a Mobile Site when I already have a good website?

Users have changed and so are their ways of shopping and communicating online. The arrival of smart phones has changed the way we remain in touch with one another. The world is going mobile rapidly, which makes it important to create a mobile version of your website if you have built one yet. If you fail to do so, your competitors will gladly take care of this for you, along with your customers and prospects.

According to the stats, 1 out of 4 (approx. 25%) mobile users expect to access websites from their mobile devices at least once a day. This means that creating a mobile website can increase up to 85% of user engagement for an online retailer. Researchers in the US also suggest that on an average around 51% of website visitors are more likely to do business with an e-retailer that has a mobile website.

How to create a mobile website –

Keep it Simple

Mobile screens are small and users do not need additional information that may complicate the process. Hence, it is advisable to give information that they need to purchase a product. This will make the user experience pleasant and simple. Also, too much information can distract the user. Factors to consider

• Find out what users need
• Include a search bar to make it easy to access
• Call to action is important
• Buy now button must be present

Easy to Scroll

Say no to ‘pinch and zoom.’ This will reduce the complication. Pinch and zoom complicate the process and persuade customers to avoid the transaction in the middle. It creates hassle, especially if you are asking your customers to fill a survey, or contact us form.

Use scroll options to simplify the data entry process. Reduce the amount of content and make the text size a little bigger.

Content is still the King

Keep your text short, informative and to the point. Make it catchy! Create user-engaging and memorable phrases that your audience can easily understand, share or tweet. Including testimonials section is also a good idea.

Picture is worth A 1000 Words

Let the images speak. Putting a catchy image is a great way to quickly sum up and spread the message. A right image can definitely speak volumes evoking a visceral experience and connect your viewers immediately.


Having a beautiful page won’t help you attain the desired results if it doesn’t scale to different mobile devices present in the market. There are over 500 screen sizes and it is important for your company to design a website that matches all 500.


Creating a mobile website may help you maximize investment returns and change the way online users view your business.

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