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Landing Page Optimization Tips: How to Generate More Leads

Landing Page Optimization

A Landing page (LP) is a page where companies want their visitors to arrive or “land.” Primarily, a landing page can be a standalone page, distinct from your main website. It is kept separate to limit the options for the visitors, to let you achieve your intended goal. In addition to it, a landing page can be your home page. Therefore, create a landing page design that can entice your visitors. Landing pages offer an excellent way to generate leads that in turn boost conversion rate and ROI.

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Mainly, there are two types of landing pages, click-through landing page and lead generation landing page.

Click-through landing pages don’t contain any form and are primarily created for eCommerce websites. These landing pages usually include product information or offer details to warm up a visitor to encourage him/her for making a purchase decision.

Lead generation landing pages are created to capture visitors’ data. Data like name, email address, and contact numbers. Online users have become smarter than ever and capturing their data isn’t an easy deal. Therefore, companies offer some freebies like discount coupons, whitepapers, free trial of something to prompt them to go ahead and fill up the forms.

Marketers consider landing page optimization as a crucial technique to enhance SEO. However, optimizing a landing page to make it impactful is not a cakewalk. Various organizations offer pre-built landing page template design that you can customize as per your needs.

But, if you want to do it by yourself, then take a glance at the following landing page optimization tips that can dramatically enhance your lead generation.

Enticing Headline

“Don’t use wordplay in your landing page headlines. Inside jokes don’t help conversions.” (Source)

A persuasive headline (main title) can hold visitors’ attention and ultimately turn around the game for your business. Create a one liner that compels visitors to pay proper attention.

What an action-packed headline does, see blow:

  • Grabs visitors’ attention
  • Makes your landing page unique and compelling
  • Gives idea about the story created in landing page
  • Employs keywords for SERPs effectiveness

While creating headlines, do remember to use H1 tag for your main headline to get full SEO value.

If you want to grab more on this, keep an eye on this fantastic blog on creating compelling headlines.

Compelling Subtitle

Once you create an attractive headline, reveal your story by taking it further with the help of a compelling subtitle. Your subtitle must summarize the motive of your landing page. But, your primary motive is to make your visitor stay on your page to complete the intended action. Therefore, keep things pretty clear and straightforward.

For getting great SEO value, use H2 tag and similar text for Meta description to create search dominance.

Captivating Graphic

Use eye-catchy graphics to make your landing page offer enthralling experience. But, used graphics must complement your business theme and the motive of your landing page. It will let your visitors understand the whole story within seconds that what page is all about. What kind of solution are you offering? Try to highlight your key messages through your graphics. Further, you can also use videos to increase interaction. Make sure you use relevant keywords within images’ ‘Alt’ tag to make Google understand the context of the images.

Highlight Values but To-The-Point

After creating compelling title and subtitle, you have successfully grabbed the attention of your prospects. Now it’s time to explain what your landing page is all about.

Make sure your explanation is crisp, concise, straightforward, and value-focused. After reading your explanation, your prospects will get a clear insight regarding what they have for them on your landing page. Therefore, highlighting the value of your offering is pretty crucial as it lets you obtain the trust of your prospects. Use bullets to keep your information clear. Further, you can cleverly create a compelling, unique selling proposition (USP) that could persuade your prospects to take actions.

Highlighting values are treated as landing page optimization best practices. So, highlight but never oversell your product, keep tone buyer-centric than product-centric.

Highlight Pain Points

Problems whether personal or professional are the integral part of human lives and a sheer reality. People perform online searches to get somehow rid of the problems they face.

Highlighting pain areas of your visitors can help you create a win-win situation for your business. If you showcase their pain points, you bring your prospects closer to your brand. Therefore, while designing your landing page, make sure you correctly highlight the pain areas of your customers and how can you convert those pains into pleasures with the solutions you are offering.

Provide Assurance: Offer Case Studies

Nothing is bigger than satisfaction. You win half of your battle if you successfully convince your visitors. Provide assurance by displaying clients’ testimonials, success stories, or case studies. Take them in confidence by ensuring they aren’t making any mistake by choosing you. Always be confident of your offerings and give a guarantee on your products/services to see their responses. It will dramatically increase the chances of lead generation and conversion too.

Offer Something For Free

You would agree that people love freebies, and your aim is to motivate customers to take action. Offer free trials, product samples, referral programs, and so on to incentivize their actions.

By offering something for free, you attract more visitors and increase the chances for the lead generation.

Powerful CTAs

CTAs play a crucial part in landing page optimization. Visitors take actions through CTAs. Without a powerful CTA, your page won’t convert. Make your call-to-action big, clear, and compelling so that visitors get encouraged to take actions.

Proper placement is pretty vital for CTAs. It is advised to place your CTA closer to your USP, crucial information, or graphics. Use cool colors to make it more appealing and soothing to eyes. Never forget to add urgency note to increase the leads and conversions.

Create a Seamless Flow

A killer landing page must have a seamless flow. Therefore, start with your explanation, highlight your benefits, showcase testimonials, and end your landing page with a CTA. This is the most prominent and persuasive method of structuring a landing page.

To generate leads from your landing page, you have to take your visitors through a process of logical and emotional thinking. So, create and maintain a seamless flow.

In the End

Landing page optimization tips explained above uncover landing page optimization best practices. If you are planning to create a landing page for lead generation, you can follow these points to create a killer landing page, or simply, contact us and we will do it for you! Did you like this post? Share your valuable comments.

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