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Pump-up Your Brand With These 6 Thanksgiving Marketing Campaign Ideas

Thanksgiving Marketing Campaign Ideas

During the pre-pandemic times, precisely in 2019 Thanksgiving sales breached the $4 billion mark. Now here we are, businesses have begun to spool their creative teams to deploy marketing campaigns that can grip their audience. Frankly, the digital space becomes a visual treat around this time of the year – thanks to the creative marketing efforts of brands of all sizes.

Your brand too can grab a piece of the ‘Thanksgiving’ pie with unique marketing campaigns tailored around it.

Here are 6 Thanksgiving marketing ideas to pump-up your brand’s digital presence and profit this festive season!

Revamp Your Social Channels with Thanksgiving Elements

 And we mean looking beyond just updating your Facebook page’s cover! Thanksgiving themes can be applied to your regular social media creatives, ad creatives and promotion banners. Your Thanksgiving promotion efforts can include a blend of the following ideas you can incorporate in your creatives;

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Food
  • Togetherness
  • Gratitude & Well-being
  • Charity
  • Beginning of the holiday season
  • Abundance
  • Charity

You are only limited by your imagination to leverage the above Thanksgiving elements into your Thanksgiving social media posts.

Express Gratitude to Your Customers

There will never be a better time than Thanksgiving to express gratitude to your customers and other business stakeholders. A marketing campaign does not just mean ads and paid campaigns. Brands can leverage the positive sentiment of their customers, and genuinely thank them for being associated with their business.

Here are some examples of how you can say thanks to your customers and stakeholders this festive season;

  • Send personalized Thanksgiving postcards to your customers
  • Send personalized Thanksgiving emails to your most loyal customers
  • Offer exclusive deals & discount offers as a token of gratitude to your customers (via the channel they engage the best)

Thanking your customers for their loyalty can earn you much more brand love than any other time of the year.

Create Valuable Blogs

Content is the ‘king’ and will continue to be as the digital age melds with our lives. Creating long-form valuable blogs for your subscribers/readers can really boost the traffic for relevant customers. It can be a simple list of ‘best & easy Thanksgiving recipes’ to a guide on ‘DIY Thanksgiving decoration ideas.’

Blogs will not only help you boost online engagement with contextual content but also earn you brownie points and better brand-recall.

Below are some Thanksgiving blogging ideas for different industries;

  • Best ways to make Turkey stuffing
  • Thanksgiving attire ideas for you and family
  • Hassle-free decor ideas for Thanksgiving
  • Charity ideas for Thanksgiving

And so on.

You can also check out the type of content your competitors are publishing for Thanksgiving promotion, and draw blog inspiration from there.

Think Online Contests & Giveaways

 Nothing beats the concentrated engagement of your customers garnered from online contests and giveaways. A content themed around Thanksgiving can give you a social media engagement boost, and the distributed rewards will further earn you more brownie points and brand credibility. E.g. you can conduct a simple contest wherein you ask the people to like your brand page, comment on your Thanksgiving post, and stand a chance to win gift hampers/vouchers worth $$$.

Of course, Thanksgiving marketing campaigns aren’t limited to social media contests only. You can still organize Thanksgiving contests in your brick-and-mortar store. Think of quick games like trivia puzzles or a raffle draw and give away prizes like drawstring backpacks, mugs, keychains, or reusable bags.

People love this stuff, so expect a large number of people to participate – because its Thanksgiving.

Show Your Business’ Philanthropic Side

Strong brand loyalty and credibility can also be attributed to numerous CSR activities and acts of charity that some businesses undertake. If you are one such business, make sure that your message to ‘do good’ reaches your customers as well.

Turn your business’ acts of generosity into one of the most effective Thanksgiving marketing ideas ever!

Why does it work?

People like to see businesses being driven by humanitarian causes rather than just profits. During this time of the year, the human spirit to do good is high. This can sure earn you a great deal of respect amongst the audience.

What can you do?

Consider the following ideas to get some food for thought;

  • Helping & treating the homeless this Thanksgiving
  • Donating/serving at an Animal shelter to spread awareness
  • Volunteering in the soup kitchen as a part of CSR
  • Launching an environment-friendly initiative to ‘thank Mother Nature’

Open The Classic – Thanksgiving Sale

If you are a retailer in the B2C space, this approach has worked well in the past and will work in the future. People love to shop more during Thanksgiving. And, if they are getting a reasonable discount, it becomes a win-win for them and the business.

You can announce ‘Thanksgiving’ sale over your social media channels, website and any other customer touchpoint. This will be a classic way to make the best of this festive season.

The Takeaway

It is advisable that you weigh creativity and quality offers more over the campaign budgets for Thanksgiving promotion. Besides saving your big bucks, you’ll be able to harvest a better ROI as the holiday season begins. For Christmas and New Year, you can work out a more balanced approach with larger campaign budgets.

Stay tuned to our blog for more such content.

Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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