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The New Yahoo! Experience with Redesigns

Currently, the Yahoo! experience is integrating new formats for searching that is easier and more innovative.  The first change made is coming with the goal of cleaner and simpler looks.  The main ideology is to show the most relevant information so you are easily drawn to the page.  This is often combined with images, information and the incorporation of other concepts that allow you to search easily and go directly to the pages you are interested in.

The search engine changes are also altering with automatic tabs.  This programmed change shows tabs that show up while you are browsing through the various pages.  These appear below the search box and allow you to further define the results you are interested in.  You are able to find your information first by the content that is available on the alternative websites.  You also can use the tabs to connect to images, video, news, blogs and other extra aspects that are categorized on the Internet.

The make-over that Yahoo! is offering also is altering to upgrade your experience into a real – time change.  The changes of the Internet are known to take place continuously, meaning that your time of the search may create different synchronicity with the Internet.  To enhance your search results, you can filter the information on the left hand side.  This has alternative tabs that show the latest news stories, updates, comments and blogs.  If you are looking for new and real time stories, then this allows you to connect in an alternative way.

Searching for results with Yahoo! and other search engines was before based on basic content and categorization by the web portals.  However, the new redesigns being offered is allowing you to search differently while allowing you to make sure you are able to have a complete search.  The integration of new formats and formulas is allowing those on the Internet to enjoy even more with their browsing experience through Yahoo!

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