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Video Marketing – Let ‘Motion Pictures’ Speak For Your Business

As we move into 2014, one thing is definite – video is the future of content marketing!

Hence, it is imperative for marketers and business owners to get a grip on what this means for the success of their business and content strategy. The 2013 stats show that some business owners are already using video for content promotion, and 82% out of 93% found that it had a positive impact on their business. Keeping the success rate in mind, up to 70% marketers plan to spend on video marketing in 2014.

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Here is what video marketing can do for your business –

Appeal Audience with Video Infographic 

Considering the popularity of video infographics, it won’t be wrong to say that ‘an infographic a day keeps boredom away!’

Very few people know that 75 million viewers watch videos online every month and more than 40 billion videos are streamed in the US alone every month. This clearly reveals the popularity of video in 2013. Video infographic has officially changed the way business owners market their products or service and it is an area that marketers cannot ignore.

Demand – Your Viewers Want It! 

The 2013 stats clearly show the change in consumer viewing habits. Online videos engage customers and build awareness, due to which, their focus has shifted from TV to video sharing websites. Consumers are now spending around 60 minutes a week more on video sharing websites as compared to watching television.

Videos Drive Action 

According to recent reports, video boosts people’s understanding of what a business is offering by 73%. The stats show that around 25% of users searched for additional product or service information after watching a video, and around 10-12% purchased the featured product.

In a nutshell, if you have decided to use video marketing, then it is important to do it right! Creating compelling content for videos is important along with strong call to action. Other tips for creating a successful video include – creating short videos, focusing on one main message and thinking of a strategy!

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