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Google to Notice Very SEOd Websites

Don’t waste your time in conventional methodologies used for achieving top search results. Rather, go create some appealing content for your online facet, as Google, the search industry frontrunner, has revealed its plans to target overly SEOd websites. So, if you’re using scrapers, rippers, duplicators and spinners, then it is about time you understand that the real demand for better search result is unique, relevant and appealing content.

Having closely followed each and every update from Google, I can say my companionship with the Google has always been cohesive. When I started with search engine optimization few years ago, I came to know that Google can be extremely tricky and fickle. It is clever enough to keep everything under the wrap and suddenly come out with a revolution in the market.

So, when my target is logic, then Google is the path shower. I learnt from my experience to avoid actions that may lead to blacklisting of my website. Thus, I did not get carried away by taking part in the removal of link farms, keyword stuffing etc. from my list. I came to the understanding that Google is a globetrotter and loves welcoming both inbound and outbound links for better optimization.

So far, my learning indicates that keyword stuffing not only harms content of the site, it may also hamper the efficacy of alt tags, URLs, headers and other similar aspects of the site. Hence, I remained composed with my approach to optimization and stay focused on one or two relevant keywords for the single page. I did extensive keyword research to find keywords for the relevant page. However, I noticed a substantial enhancement in the rankings of my website only after adding unique and relevant content.

It will not be too long before Google puts its new algorithm into practice, making it extremely important for webmasters to ensure their online entities are not overly SEOd unless they wish to lose their ranking or even worse, get their website blacklisted. However, as already stated, unique, relevant and compelling content can still fetch better rankings for a website.

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