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New Google Maps – Change the Way you see the World

In May 2013, Google released Google Maps interface for desktop. Since then, Google Map’s team improved performance, added missing features and fixed bugs. One year later, in 2014, we have the new Google Maps that replaces the classic interface and promises to provide an extraordinary experience. A personalized map helps the users make smarter decisions using recommendations from Google+ circles and by showing what’s relevant. This year, Google decided to focus on the basics and remove some features from the classic interface.

This post highlights some elements and features of the new Google Maps that will change the way you see the world.

Google Earth

Google Maps on the desktop has been rebuilt from the ground up. It has brought Google Earth seamlessly on the web. The new Google Maps displays Google Earth as if it’s the part of the whole kit, exactly the way they have long treated the street view feature.

Google Flights

Google Flights is now knitted into Google Maps to help the users get directions for longer journeys. The new Google Maps lets you find directions and estimated time for flights. While using, all you need to do is click on the plane icon, and you will see sample prices for fights, estimated flight times etc. You can even find air tickets to buy.

Photo Tour

If there is a landmark that a lot of people have photographed and posted the images on Google, the users may find a photo tour of that site. If the photo tour is available, it appears in the bottom of the page along with other images with a ‘play’ icon. By clicking on play, you may come across some of the best photos of the landmark from different angles.

Dive inside a business

Now you check out the interiors of any office or business from anywhere. Search out for a venue or business on Google Maps that has interior photos and click on the image to peek inside.

The new Google Maps has definitely made the world a smaller place. What do you think of the new Google Maps? Share your views with us in the comment section!

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