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SEO Holy Grail – How to Outrank Amazon!

How to Outrank Amazon

Yes! Your dream is about to come true.

Your website can outrank Amazon!

Most maddening aspect of e-commerce is fronting the competition against established brands, and when it comes to e-commerce, Amazon tops the list. These companies offer a one-stop deal and have been dominating the search engine results page (SERPs) consistently. This has become a significant challenge for small and medium-sized companies. To outrank Amazon in SERP is a thought every business will have and for a small company, it can be nerve-wracking to try competing with giants like Amazon and Walmart. And where there is a Will there is a strategy!

The game of SEO

There is only 1 rule in this game and it is “Patience”.

A strong strategy can help you beat the biggest competitor in the organic world. Hire a Amazon SEO expert or learn SEO yourself but if you wish to give competition to Amazon you need to master the game of Search Engine Optimization.

The Strategy

1. Keyword research is building block of this strategy.

  • Decide your niche. It’s important to pick your niche and make a space for your business. Excelling in the niche that your company is good at is very important. Whether you are new in the SEO game or have been in the game for a while it is important for you to pick your battles as it take long to start seeing results. Optimizing wrong keywords can be devastating for your SEO strategy.
  • Narrow down. Once you have decided your niche it’s time to move further down in the funnel. Select products that give you good margins. Tools like Ahrefs and Uber Suggest, Google keyword planner, Keyword Tool can help you select your keywords and also dig into competitors.

2. On-page SEO, also called “on-site SEO” is the process to optimize web page content for users and search engines. Most common on-page SEO practices include optimizing title tagSEO and content go hand in hand. No SEO results can be achieved without a strong content strategy.s, internal links, content, and URLs. But there has to be more in your SEO strategy than merely doing basic hygiene. To rank your website in the top search engines, you need to pay attention to your website’s user experience. Elements like bounce rate and dwell time, search intent, page load speed, and click-through-rate are important matrix to work upon.

3. Off-Page SEO is just as vital as on-page. It helps to build reputation and authority in your industry, eventually boosting the website’s rankings. The biggest mistake people do is trying to make lots of backlinks. More backlinks are good but quality is of utmost importance. 1 link from a very high quality website will do more good compared to 10 links from a week website.

4. Integrated Approach: Link back to your original site for more traffic while also allowing secure and personal engagement with customers. Posting on social pages can be done with links to the website to bring more prosects to the targeted pages.

5. Content Strategy: SEO and content go hand in hand. No SEO results can be achieved without a strong content strategy. Good content is needed both on website and for off-page activities. Content on the website should be engaging and informative so that visitors get the info they are looking for and come back again for more info. Content used for creating backlinks should be explanatory and communicative to get high quality backlinks.

If you still think that competing with Amazon Organic Ranking is impossible, you need to think again.

You need to focus on primary factors that Amazon tends to ignore. They have a vast set, large business, and smaller factors that go neglected sometimes, and this is where you can catch the race! Start with selecting your niche, select and ranking keywords and sell unique products.

With owning half of the retail market in the US, Jeff Bezos, once in an interview, said, “It is just the beginning.”

So, what does this mean for a small-sized e-commerce business? It is essential to list their shortcomings to strengthen yourself and get ready for the competition.

  • Having a massive inventory like Amazon is impossible.
  • You can’t have the domain It’s already taken.

In my mind above are the 2 strongest points for Amazon but there are a million other ways to succeed. Here is a list of strategic experiments you can put into the play to get closer to Amazon and higher on rankings:

  • Excellence in niche: The most significant weakness Amazon has is its size. With everything listed on for sale, they definitely can’t be good at everything. Got the point? Your product offering has to be different; don’t intend to sell everything. The trick is to list a few things, even if they belong to the same niche. If you wish to dominate, narrow down to a niche and focus more on content marketing, which Amazon doesn’t do. Amazon organic search is based on PPC (pay-per-click), conversion optimization, SEO, releasing products, claiming various verticals, but not content marketing. You can have a strategy to explore this opportunity & reach your niche and start ranking for your revenue generating keywords.
  • Experiment with shipping: Amazon has supreme dominion over shipping; in fact, it is one of the success factors. Think something out of the box to compete it. This doesn’t necessarily mean free shipping but create a service-mix that exceeds customer expectations and delivers satisfaction. Zappos, for example didn’t hype much about their unique shipping policy, but simply did it and the customers were pleased and hooked. Zappos gained popularity by delivering the packages before the anticipated date, and delivered happiness along with the products!
  • Plan a subscription service: Amazon has ramped up revenue through their Prime subscription service. This is one of the canniest ways to increase sales. This ain’t limited to one single transaction, instead it is more like a recurring relationship generating revenue monthly or annually.
  • Boast of having the best customer service: Customer service is that one thing that Amazon can’t play in. But you, definitely can! One simple hack to compete with the giant is to provide something that they cannot. Be it personalized, one-on-one service to customers or adding a personal touch to the whole transaction, have it all in your plan! All you need to achieve is ‘viral spreadability’ through passionate brand gospeller.

customer support decision tree

Customer service is all about having personal touch & a lasting relationship with customers. You can powerfully reshape your identity as a brand and convince customers to stick to you. Focus on building a fanatical fan base slowly and steadily. The trick is to stay simple and precise, your brand strategies on social media and content marketing efforts should aim personal and closely knitted relation with customers. After all, it is all about connection, cohesion, and knock-out service.

  • Delightful User Experience: Compare both the images, the plain descriptive representation used on a page on Amazon while the lively representation and delivery of content along with images and videos on Sony. The customers will love to have an engaging and detailed experience from Sony’s website which is more interesting and interactive compared to Amazon. The goal should not be to sell the user once but to build repeat customers. The advantage that your website will have over Amazon is it’s size. Making changes and adapting to new technologies and giving a classy user experience to your visitors is easy for you compared to Amazon.
  • Customize your Content: Stock manufacturer product descriptions can be incorporated for better ranking efforts on selected pages but they should be curated to give uniques to your website. Rewrite the stock product descriptions. Have engaging and unique copies that go along your SEO and long tail keyword tactic. Think of better ways to present your service and products and you stand a greater chance to outnumber many of your competitors.


It may seem to be a joke to dream to beat Amazon, but they can be outdone in their game! You need to have the understanding to grab the success, not just based on product lines, but also the way you market those products. A small or medium-sized business that outranks Amazon can expect excellent rewards in the form of boosted sales and reputation.

Isn’t this reason enough to pinch you to elevate efforts to challenge the established giant in the industry and outrank it in the SERPs!

Do it yourself or hire an expert but do your SEO right. Talk to our experts today to start your game!

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