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SEO Strategies to Look Forward to In 2015


The world of SEO is evolving with every passing year. The algorithms are being updated regularly and new trends are being developed that change strategies and divert focal points. Thus, you will need to constantly evolve your SEO strategies as well; otherwise it is destined for failure.

The notion ‘one-size-fits-all’ doesn’t go with SEO. Hence, you need to channelize your strategies to improve the search visibility campaign. Here are a few SEO strategies to look forward to in the year 2015.

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Look Beyond Google

Google for long has been an undisputed champion in the arena of search engines. Yahoo, Bing or DuckDuckGo have been knocking the doors as successors for some time now. Taking recent developments into consideration, it might be possible that the year 2015 can turn the tables in their favor.

With Yahoo becoming the default search engine for FireFox and Bing & Yahoo trying to woo Safari to secure the spot after Google’s deal expires this year, Google is facing stiff competition. Also, there is a possibility that default browses may be replaced from Google to DuckDuckGO in iOS 8 and OS X.

Hence, with so many options other than Google taking limelight, you need to ensure that your business has its presence across all these alternative search engines.

More Focus on Social Media

Social Media is no longer just a platform to share content; it has evolved to become a hot platform for business promotion. Businesses are readily creating accounts on social platforms to spread their reach in the market.

Besides becoming a promotional and marketing channel, social media is also helping in customer-service and customers are now expecting brands to engage more with them on personal level. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are highly popular among customers to share their experiences. Thus, being active on social networking sites will help you generate more leads, sales as well as revenues. Moreover, you can generate a loyal following that will help spread your content.

Optimize for Mobile Traffic

It is believed that mobile traffic has reached the levels of desktop levels, if not exceeded it. Moreover, with Google paying more attention to responsive websites, as they provide best user experience; thus, you need to ensure that your business website is mobile-friendly to help it get noted on mobile search results.

Link Earning Not Link Building

Despite of all the updates and algorithmic changes, one thing that hasn’t changed nor looks like changing neither in 2015, nor anytime soon is inbound links. These links were, are and possible remain the most significant part of trust and authority.

Be Precise with Keywords and Search Phrases

There was a time when broad keywords used to steal the limelight, those days are soon coming to an end. This is because such keywords used to have high search volumes, but hardly attracted traffic. Thus, targeting search phrases is being practiced; it not only attracts qualified ‘buyer’ traffic but also has characteristically less competition.

Lastly, are there other SEO strategies that you feel will drive the year 2015, if so, do mention them in the comments section.


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